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A typical child arrangements case

18/09/2019 - Children

Sometimes one comes across a law report that is of interest not because it says anything new or profound, but rather because it is an example of a typical case of its kind. The primary reason for such a report to be of interest is that it can give litigants a real flavour of what…

The CSA: Questions and Answers – by Rachel Baul

18/09/2008 - Children | Stowe Family Law

Solicitor Rachel Baul joined Stowe Family Law in 2004, and is a member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel. She specialises in all areas of family law and ancillary relief, and has been commended by a number of the firm’s high profile clients. The breakdown of a relationship is never easy, but the involvement…

Support for domestic abuse victims during lockdown

25/11/2020 - COVID-19 Advice | Domestic abuse | Relationships

As we mark White Ribbon Day (25th November) and the start of the UN’s 16 Days of Activism, we revisit a blog written by Shanika Varga, a Senior Solicitor at our office in Leeds who explains five ways victims can access support for domestic abuse during the lockdown Support for domestic abuse during lockdown Most…

Getting divorced: a user’s guide

04/11/2014 - Divorce

So you’re getting divorced. Quite how you feel about that prospect will, of course, depend on the circumstances. Are you divorcing your spouse or being divorced by them? No one likes to feel like a victim of circumstances we cannot control – that is one of the worst sources of stress that life can throw…

Legal bloggers to be allowed to attend and report on family proceedings

30/08/2018 - Family Law

It has been revealed that the government and judiciary are to allow certain ‘legal bloggers’ to attend family court hearings, with a view to reporting upon the proceedings. The new scheme is to be piloted for nine months from the 1st of October, during which time the necessary new practices and procedures will be assessed….

What happens when the validity of a marriage is questioned?

10/08/2012 - Family Law

When is a marriage a marriage? Can it be a legal marriage if it didn’t begin as one? When is a marriage void? Or, if it is not a void marriage, when is it a non-marriage? Confused? You aren’t the only one!  This is an interesting and topical area, which has been highlighted by a…


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