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External relocation: when a parent wishes to move overseas with a child, what rules apply? By Laura Guillon.

15/04/2011 - Children

If a relationship breaks down and there are children involved, what rules are applied to cases when one parent wishes to move with the children to another country? In this post, we will be looking at the rules – and how they could change in the future. External relocation is a difficult subject, and lawyers…



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What is a child arrangements order?

24/08/2020 - Children

A child arrangements order is a court order that sets out who has responsibility for the care of a child, including who they live with and how often they will see/ have contact with both parents.  Most commonly used in cases where the parents cannot reach an agreement on how to share the care of…

Child benefit & the ending of child support liability

22/03/2017 - Family Law

A recent case highlights the issue of the link between the payment of child benefit and the liability of the non-resident parent (NRP) to pay child support. In this post I set out a basic overview of how the Child Maintenance Service calculates how much child support an NRP has to pay, but there is…

Maintenance Issues

Child Law > Maintenance Issues

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The CSA: Questions and Answers – by Rachel Baul

18/09/2008 - Children | Stowe Family Law

Solicitor Rachel Baul joined Stowe Family Law in 2004, and is a member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel. She specialises in all areas of family law and ancillary relief, and has been commended by a number of the firm’s high profile clients. The breakdown of a relationship is never easy, but the involvement…

Repeat after me: child support and contact are two separate issues!

07/08/2017 - Children

This old chestnut apparently raised its ugly head again on national TV over the weekend. I really shouldn’t have to explain again what has been explained so many times previously, including by myself, but clearly there are still some who don’t understand (or more likely don’t want to understand) this basic truth: child support and…

“Mum is implacably hostile”

16/07/2012 - Children

How often have you heard this phrase? If you’re a lawyer or some other professional involved in intractable contact matters, probably quite a lot. If you’re a parent (probably a dad) you may have first hand experience of the phenomena. Although either parent, or indeed both parents can be implacably hostile, the term is usually…

How easy is it to bring your child back to the UK?

13/04/2011 - Divorce

Earlier this week, Marilyn Stowe shared the story of a mother who had moved to a faraway country with her husband, an overseas national, and her young family, only to find herself “stuck” there after the marriage broke down. (The Expat’s Tale: “I’m a stuck mum”.) She is nearly at breaking point, having struggled unsuccessfully…

Important cases: Dawson v Wearmouth

08/07/2014 - Children

The surname used by a child after his or her parents separate can be an extremely emotive issue. This is particularly so where the child lives with the mother and the mother has changed her surname, for example by way of remarriage or by reverting to her maiden name. It can be even more so…

Child Support and Overseas Parents

21/08/2009 - Family Law

I recently heard a case about a father, living overseas, who was billed £12,000 for child maintenance by the Child Support Agency (CSA) when he returned to England. My first thought was there had been an administrative error. The rules on child maintenance state that the CSA is unable to become involved in a case…

No summary return principle in internal child ‘abduction’

26/10/2016 - Family Law

One of the biggest fears for a separated parent, particularly the parent with whom the child is not residing, is that the other parent may try to abduct the child to another country. Close behind this, I suspect, is the fear that the other parent may simply move the child a long way away, without…

Why should I have to pay maintenance for my child?

28/08/2018 - Children

I suspect that for most people the answer to this question should be obvious: a child costs money to maintain, and the primary responsibility to maintain falls upon both parents. How the care of the child is divided between the parents may alter the amount that each parent is responsible to pay, but does not…

International divorce and habitual residence

03/04/2017 - Divorce | International

International family law is a thorny area and will no doubt become further complicated by the repercussions of Brexit. I have had a number of enquiries recently from parents who want to see their children who are living abroad. There may be different reasons why they have ended up living in a different country to…


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