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Offices > London

An elite team of London divorce lawyers and accountants with a strong record of achieving success for clients across the capital. Whether your marriage or relationship has broken down, we give expert guidance (using language that you will understand) on getting divorced and ending civil partnerships, all while protecting children and family finances.


Offices > Cardiff

Successful and compassionate Cardiff divorce lawyers with a strong record of achieving success for local clients

When a divorce lawyer met a divorce coach…

13/01/2020 - Divorce | Wellness & Self Help

A divorce lawyer and a divorce coach: Divorce coaches are on the rise as people increasingly seek out life coaches and counsellors to help them through a divorce.  Not to be confused with a lawyer or a counsellor, a divorce coach is a neutral third party and there to provide practical and emotional support during…

Islamic Sharia Law Divorce

Divorce > Islamic Sharia Law Divorce

Our expert law team will guide you through divorce, mindful of your faith, culture and language to ensure a compliant English Law and Sharia Law divorce.


Offices > Berkhamsted

The UK’s largest specialist divorce & family Law practice, with an office convenient to you, serving both Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead.


Offices > Sevenoaks

The UK’s largest specialist divorce & family law practice, with an office convenient to you in Sevenoaks.

Difficulty of divorce: who finds it harder?

Sarah Snow, a Partner in the firm’s London office, appeared on BBC Radio London over the weekend to speak with presenters Sunny and Shay Grewal about the difficulty of divorce. Sarah was asked about the difficulties that Muslim women face when seeking a divorce, particularly those from a South Asian background. Staying in an abusive…

Can you still get divorced in lockdown?

01/06/2020 - COVID-19 Advice | Divorce

Can you still get divorced in lockdown?  Lockdown is enough to put a strain on any relationship so what should couples do if they want to file for a divorce in lockdown? The answer is that a divorce is still an option for couples in lockdown, as many family lawyers are working remotely and the…

Delays to divorce at the Bury St Edmunds Divorce Centre

18/06/2018 - Divorce | Family Law | Relationships

Launched back in 2015 to take proceedings out of courts, the Divorce Centres promised a staggering 48 hours turnaround time. In reality, due to staff shortages, it takes six months for cases to reach the decree nisi stage at Bury St Edmunds, the largest centre in the UK. John Bolch shares his thoughts… I don’t…

No fault divorce gets second hearing

Press Release:  The No Fault Divorce bill 2015-2016, introduced to Parliament by Richard Bacon MP under the Ten Minute Rule, will have its second reading in a couple of weeks time, on 11 March. Stowe Family Law’s Winchester based solicitor, Jennifer Williamson, explains how, ground-breaking-and-sensible-sounding as it may be, the law is probably unlikely to…

Divorce: Spain versus England by Christopher Lee

09/01/2018 - Divorce

Clients may have a choice of where to divorce.  Here we examine some of the very different procedures and possible outcomes that may arise if a couple has the right to divorce both in Spain and England or Wales (which, for simplicity, we’ll refer to here simply as ‘England’). London is (in)famously billed as “the…

Divorce and legal advice on Radio Verulam

Senior Partner Marilyn Stowe featured on Radio Verulam on Monday morning to answer listeners’ questions about divorce and separation. Mrs Stowe was asked about paying maintenance and bankruptcy, initiating the divorce process, remarrying a partner after the decree absolute has been granted, and division of assets. Transcript from Marilyn Stowe on Radio Verulam PR:                Phil…

What can I do if my spouse ignores the divorce petition?

02/06/2020 - Divorce

What can I do if my spouse ignores the divorce petition?  If you find yourself in the situation where the Court has issued your divorce petition, but your spouse refuses to respond, what are your legal options?  There are a number of options open to people if their spouse does not return the Acknowledgment of…

Russian couple’s divorce ‘not valid’ in UK despite wife’s remarriage

17/05/2014 - Divorce

In the course of writing this blog over many years, I have frequently warned against the pitfalls of marrying and living abroad. As many of our correspondents have learned to their cost, the law of the country they are living in is will not the same as the law in England. For example, spousal maintenance…


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