‘Use a solicitor’ Law Society urges

Family Law|September 1st 2014

The Law Society has launched a campaign encouraging members of the public to use qualified solicitors for family and other legal disputes.

Use a Professional Use a Solicitor is designed to highlight the expertise of solicitors, as well as their regulated and insured status, in contrast to McKenzie friends and similar unqualified legal advisors.

The campaign will feature case studies highlighting the role of a solicitor in different types of legal dispute, including both family law and wills and probate cases.

Campaign advertisements will appear in different locations, including both bus and train stations As well as the ITV Player television catch-up service. Material will also be available to Law Society members for use in their own promotional material, and individual solicitors will be encouraged to provide their own case studies to the Society.

President Andrew Caplen said:

“Our latest campaign reminds the public that highly qualified,professionally-trained solicitors are the best people to speak to for legal advice.”

He added:

“The growth of unregulated and do-it-yourself legal services means consumers are exposed to nonprofessional advice, which can be more of a hindrance than a help.”

The Law Society represents solicitors across England and Wales.

In July Mr Caplen gave evidence to the House of Commons Justice Committee. MPs were conducting an investigation into the effects of last year’s cuts to legal aid and Mr Caplen was one of three witnesses to express concern about the reliance of many unrepresented ‘litigants in person’ on McKenzie friends.

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  1. Brian says:

    SRA regulation is a joke, they do nothing when presented with evidence of unprofessional behaviour found by a circuit judge, won’t give you information about progress and call them “reports” not complaints against solicitors.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Everyone knows that you only use a solicitor if a) you want to bully, or b) you want to defend yourself from being bullied.

    Parties have a much much better chance of coming to a much much faster and a much much fairer agreement as LIPs.

    You only employ a solicitor if you are trying to manipulate the odds or get one up on the other person, and that is in the end a fool’s game.

    And Brian is absolutely correct that the SRA is negligent.

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