Is separating worse than divorce?

Divorce|November 4th 2014

Going through a separation is more stressful than getting a divorce, a new survey has suggested.

Research carried out by US polling firm Gallup found that people who are separated from their spouse experience significantly higher levels of stress on a daily basis than people who are married or divorced.

The poll examined 131,159 adults across the United States and found that 51 per cent of those who were separated reported feeling stress the day prior to taking the poll. By contrast, only 44.1 per cent of divorced people and 38.6 per cent of married people reported feeling the same way.

The levels of stress reported by women, regardless of marital status, were higher than those of men. These were significantly higher for those who were separated. Fifty-six per cent of separated women said they felt stress compared to only 44.5 per cent of separated men. The researchers said this could indicate that women are hit harder by the end of a marriage than men.

The results of the poll appear to back up previous studies on the subject. Last year, a Benenden Health study found that men and married couples were happier than women and single people.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, study author Dan Witters suggested that the reason for higher stress levels in separated people could be a lack of closure. He added that when a divorced is finalised, couples can “move on with [their] lives” and “start digging [themselves] out of that well-being hole” they were in during the process of separation.

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  1. nordic says:

    I marvel at the notion that we need research to tell us what anybody, who has actually been through a divorce, already knows.
    More generally, it is worrying how few in the senior judicial actually have any personally experience of the process they govern. Believe me, you can sit in judgement of thousands of cases and reach the highest family law bench in the country, yet have no genuine sense of the damage inflicted by the brutal process you preside over. If our senior judicial understood the extent to which they are directly responsible and the damage they cause, they would not be able to sleep at night.

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