Divorce Day: Paul Read on BBC Breakfast

Divorce|January 2nd 2015

This morning Paul Read, a partner in Stowe Family Law’s London office, appeared on BBC Breakfast to discuss the increased number of enquires that divorce lawyers receive at the start of a new year. In fact, the first working day of the year often has so many enquires it has become known as ‘Divorce Day’.

Paul explained that, here at Stowe Family Law, we often receive as many as twice the number of enquires during the week immediately following Christmas than we do at any other time.

While people may have been contemplating a separation before the festive season, Paul said that the pressures of the season can often strain a relationship. A lot of people take more time off around Christmas, which means that there is more time spent with family over this period than any other time of year.

Additionally, there are enormous financial pressures which come with the Christmas holiday. That could be buying presents or mounting credit card debt.

Even cooking the Christmas dinner can add to the stress. It all adds up over a short period of time and, as Paul explained, it can catalyse people’s wish to speak to a divorce lawyer.

However, despite the high number of enquiries, the number of people who actually go on to issue a divorce petition is actually much lower during this time.

Paul’s advice was simple: cool off for a week or two, because the numbers show that a lot of people don’t proceed.

The video above has the entire interview, which includes a discussion about what the most common reason people seek a divorce. Paul is an excellent, caring lawyer and I think it really came across in this terrific interview. Be sure to watch it.

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