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Divorced man turns tattoo of wife into devil

Divorce | 17 Apr 2016 3

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A Californian man has had a tattoo of his wife’s face dramatically transformed following his divorce.

The unnamed man had paid a tattoo artist in the state into ink a large drawing of his wife’s face onto his arm. The image showed a smiling blond woman surrounded by flowers and leaves. The marriage apparently ended on bad terms  but rather than attempting to have the tattoo erased by laser, the former husband paid to have further work done on the image, changing his ex-wife’s face into that of a horned devil with fangs.

The transformation work was undertaken by Los Angeles tattoo artist Jojo Ackermann. After he posted a photo of the new tattoo on Instagram, the image went viral, migrating to image sharing service Imgur where it has clocked up more than 4,700,000 views to date.

Viewers have left nearly 600 comments on Imgur, expressing a wide range of views. Many criticised the man for choosing a tattoo that had left him a hostage to fortune.

“Don’t get tattoos of people. People and opinions of people change: ink isn’t easy to.”

“I will say that getting a tattoo of a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend is pretty stupid.”

“Here’s an idea: don’t tattoo someone’s face on yourself, regardless of how much you love them.”

“He’s still going to be reminded of her everytime he looks at it. Shouldn’t have gotten another.”

One commenter suggested that future girlfriends might not be impressed.

“I’d be super grossed out to date a guy with a monster face of his ex wife. He should have just covered it up. Another stupid mistake.”

Still others praised the artistry of the tattoo itself.

“It’s still her. Just the illustration of her from his view of her. Fantastic creation by the artist!”

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    1. The Devil's Advocate says:

      Sorry l don’t see the moral-legal implication. When we consider the huge variety of real life concerns over gross immorality it seems bizarre to use the example here as important!

    2. Andrew says:

      Oh, California. Land of fruits and nuts.
      Some years ago there was a story about a Californian who was paying alimony. He had a cheque book overprinted with a photo of him kissing his new wife. The ex sent them back and sued saying he had not paid. He said he had, and she could take those cheques or leave them.
      And he won!

    3. lavinia says:

      May be he saw a side to his wife that others didnt. Good on him nothing like creativity lol

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