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Refuge for a day from a media in meltdown

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On Christmas Day may we all be protected, if only for a short while, from a media in meltdown. Up here in the real world, far removed from all those terribly important and influential political reporters, inhabitants of Luvvie London,  Christmas is finally here and hurray for that.

No doubt most of us will be welcoming its arrival with quite a few more than three cheers, determined to enjoy a well-earned rest and see in the rest of the year in a relaxed and happy frame of mind. Dieting, the gym and whatever the future holds in store for us all can be set aside for a few days and left till January.  Most of us will be opening presents, meeting up with friends and family and having fun. All after having switched off the news.

We’ve certainly earned a rest, of that there is no doubt. Because we’ve been valiantly withstanding for many months now what might be termed “a brooding omnipresence in the sky” – with all due deference to Oliver Wendell Holmes, who originally used that term to refer to the common law.

It’s the news. Not so much the news itself, but the way it’s presented and packaged across the media, the TV, print and web. Don’t they all seem to be going mad? Exactly how much more thoroughly miserable and depressing can they get but only of course on a subject that matters. To them.

2016, like most years, has been a nasty one for the deaths of famous people, too many, perhaps, and most tragically before their time. We’re sad for their families and sad for ourselves too as we face the loss of their genius. There have been some shocking acts of terrorism. You might think there would be a concerted call for more science, more drugs, a fight to finally end the scourge that is cancer. After all AA Gill succumbed and wrote eloquently just before his painful death about the need for more drugs for all. A fantastic cure at last for prostate cancer was trumpeted by the Luvvies in our media but then quickly shut down again by all those Luvvies who realised and then did their best to avoid mention that the 15 years of research to come up with this life saver was actually done by that tiny country the Luvvie’s loathe in unison. Israel. I actually heard a sharp intake of breath on Radio 2 by a very famous man indeed when this fact was mentioned and then quickly ignored as though far too terrible a subject to discuss. It didn’t fit the Luvvie agenda. There are always two sides to every story as every lawyer knows and the medical and technological brilliance all emanating from Israel is something to encourage and cheer them on, surrounded as they are on every side by those who would wipe them out and do to them what’s happened in Syria:- but not in Luvvie London. Facts are irrelevant if they don’t fit their agenda. To Luvvie London in any event, in their world, there’s been far, far worse to actually write and write, and write about.

First came Brexit. This was a forgone conclusion most luvvies claimed – a near certainty we were repeatedly assured across the media by all those mainly faceless, nameless people who write our news and tell us what’s right and wrong. Except it wasn’t, and conversations with anyone up north or living in areas of high immigration might have warned them what was coming. But no. They didn’t bother to do that.  The same political classes who control the media also appear to reign supreme in the polls. So there was seismic media shock on June 24 when it became clear the pundits had got it wrong. But it was all much less of a surprise to those of us who don’t live in Luvvie London.

The result of the Scottish referendum was quickly accepted and put to bed by the media, but Brexit was a different story. As a verdict it went thoroughly against the grain for a certain kind of political pundit.

The disbelief, the refusal to accept the outcome, the near hysteria across the media has been truly staggering. Meanwhile, dare I say this, for most of us going about our everyday lives, could it be that it doesn’t matter all that much? We’ve voted and there we are. Currencies are always volatile.

So why not support a new government caught up in a logistical nightmare and trying to find a way out? No way! Not in Luvvie London. They know better. There was a rush to the media first, and then a rush to the courts. It can’t be! We must act to save the country! Noblesse oblige!

Then the courts became involved, and that suited some luvvies but not others and didn’t we know it too! How dare the Judges express a view of the law? And so the government was engulfed, swamped by luvvies postulating across the media and pushed into the courts.

Except, unfortunately for them, in the Supreme Court the arguments were conducted in a style no one but the most learned constitutional lawyer could pretend to understand. The media luvvies didn’t quite get what was being argued but still thought they did and so we got yet more nonsense from them.  What it wasn’t about was the Brexit vote itself or “subverting the will of the British people” but you’d never know that. The wailing and arguments will start up again in earnest when the judgement is finally handed down. Oh the joy.

So now, as a result of trial by media, we’re going to get great screeds of judgements about the meaning of the Royal Prerogative that won’t mean a thing to most of us – except didn’t you marvel at all those lawyers in one courtroom and wonder what it was costing?  And for a beleaguered new Prime Minister faced with an avalanche, what comes next? Woe betide Mrs May simply trying to do her job with the hellish mandate she has or the Judges trying to tell us what the position is in constitutional law. There’s all sorts of folk ready and willing across the media to tell her, them and of course, us. One newspaper even told us that Mrs May didn’t go into detail with The Queen in a throughly disapproving tone. Who leaked that to the Luvvies and why? I can’t remember ever seeing such a sustained amount of “right on” luvvie politics across the entire media, where votes, the Prime Minister, the government and judges are all considered irrelevant and subservient to the people who write the news.

And then, to put the tin lid on it, as my Granny used to say, there’s the President Elect of the USA, Donald Trump. A man who lives thousands of miles away from us. You might not appreciate that though, given that he’s the a man that Luvvie London absolutely loathes. The millions upon millions of Americans who voted for him don’t share that view of course – presumably rational, intelligent, thoughtful people. You might think the majority in the USA had lost their minds digesting a daily media luvvie diet aimed squarely at the new President Elect and his family. Night after night the man on the news spins the worst thing he can think of about Trump that day. And you know tomorrow it’s going to be more of the same. They will be ramming their agenda down our throats come what may. The American rejected Obama, they rejected Hillary who promised more of the same and Luvvies can’t and won’t forgive them, their democratic vote. They simply can’t understand. They need saving.

If you’re as fed up of it all as I am, please join me in taking a breather, switching off and enjoying Christmas as it should be enjoyed. Find some light at the end of what has been a very long year. There’s bound to be a lot more of the same in 2017.

In the meantime, to you and yours everywhere Merry Christmas and many thanks to all our readers wonderful contributors editorial staff and Bolchy.
Much love

The founder of Stowe Family Law, Marilyn Stowe is one of Britain’s best known family law solicitors and divorce lawyers. She retired from Stowe Family Law in 2017.

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  1. Andy says:

    The media who demand any gossip,sad stories and fighting factions who ever they may be are forgotten for a couple of days,then, the wheel of media slowly rolls again to bring any form of news..good or bad…

    For one day only the story is calm and thanks giving…and suppressed till media and alike release it in a flurry of hype….

    May 2017 seem better, I think not….

  2. Andrew says:

    Keep taking the tablets (but not the tabloids) and wait for the knock on the door from the Apostrophe Police:

    “The country the Luvvie’s loathe in unison” whoopsie!

  3. keith says:

    Merry Christmas Marilyn,

    Let the Tournament begin in 2017.

  4. JamesB says:

    Happy Xmas and New Year Marilyn.

    re ‘ except didn’t you marvel at all those lawyers in one courtroom and wonder what it was costing? ‘

    Yes, I did and do wonder that.

    On the Don, and the Luvvies I have found their posturing strange, and how they go on about dispossessed, left behind, JAMs, uneducated, racist, xenophobic, bla blah blah. They just don’t get it, and that probably includes the Government who are still letting in millions of immigrants six months on!

    It feels like the emperors new clothes. I do hope though that we can have change without the fascists hijacking our / my agenda with the EU and democracy and feminism etc.

    Also, very sad to report the hijacking of the ruling elite by dodgy lefties (Trotsky feminist public sector ISIS apologists) and dodgy righties (jackbooting, xenophobic, elitist, class riden, patronising). I still don’t get how we don’t have Boris as PM and have someone who was on the wrong side in the referendum.

    As you say though it is good to not hear them bleating on for a few days and the queen’s speech was a good one, without any such nonsense. I don’t think we will see another referendum in my lifetime, power to the people was thought only to agree with them, instead we have a revolution, I just hope it is a rather British one and everything is ok.

  5. JamesB says:

    re ‘ except didn’t you marvel at all those lawyers in one courtroom and wonder what it was costing? ‘
    Yes, I did and do wonder that, I also wonder who is paying for them.

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