Abandoned Afghan boy taken into care

Children|May 15th 2017

A 12 year-old boy found lost and and abandoned at Heathrow Airport should be taken into care, a family court has ruled.

He was found wandering around the airport after arriving unaccompanied on a flight from Kabul. After being rescued by the authorities he told a translator his mother had bought him a plane ticket, believing he would have a better life in the UK.

The London Borough of Hillingdon applied for permission to make him a a looked after child and this was granted by Mrs Justice Theis. She explained that:

“There is some uncertainty as to precisely how he arrived at Heathrow Airport, and what methods of transport he had between Afghanistan and the United Kingdom. The whereabouts of his mother are unknown and it would be impossible to return [him] to her care in Afghanistan at this time.”

While social workers assumed responsibility for his welfare, his immigration status would be considered by the Home Office she added.

Photo by Matt Brown via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

Author: Stowe Family Law


  1. Paul says:

    How devostating for the child. No easy answer to this immigration crisis. Sooner or later we will have to be very nacistic and unfeeling. Either that or start levvying a liberal tax. People who keep voting and campaigning for more acts of humanity should find a bloody way to pay for it. Of course we have help this poor child. But don’t for one minute think this represents just one child. By moving to help this child we are inviting thousands of these desperate people to do the same horrendous act to their own children.
    We also have an epidemic of people using food banks. This influx of people is reducing our living standard. In real terms. Of course none of this is the fault of a 12 year old abandoned at the airport. Liberals will not be happy until the UK is as desperate as the places these immagrants come from. maybe we should send the bill for this childs care to the airport who let him board without his parents.

    • spinner says:

      The most vocal liberals are the likes of Garry Lineker, Lilly Allen or Joanne Rowling who live gilded existences in large mansions in areas of the country with little to no migrants yet they whine on about how we should take in more immigrants but somehow don’t house any of them in their large mansions themselves.
      I saw an Andrew Neil interview with a Liberal MP who was promoting their policy of taking another 50,000 Syrians and he was asked how many Syrians his ward had accepted already and it turned out it was 4 whereas poorer wards up in the North had from the same time period taken nearly 900 each.
      So British people who most rely on public services are being squeezed on at every level and when they complain they get called “racist” or a “nazi” or the new one is “white supremacist”. Luckily we have the ballot box and they are certainly making themselves heard there thankfully.

  2. Paul says:

    They should be made to put up or shut up !!!
    Our MP in York Racheal Maskill has campaigned to bring in more refugees upto 20000. I live in York for a small city we have so many homeless living on the street. Young people cannot afford homes. We have thousands on the register waiting for rehousing an tgey have literally handed houses to Syrian refugees. This is just disgraceful.

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