Disadvantaged children ‘are falling behind’

Family|August 6th 2017

The difference in educational attainment between better-off pupils and more disadvantaged children has grown larger over the last decade according to new findings.

Research organisation the Education Policy Institute (EPI) analysed government data. They looked at “persistently disadvantaged” youngsters and compared them to these to their more comfortable peers at secondary school. Disadvantage was defined via entitlement to free school meals for 80 per cent of their time in school.

According to the EPI, by the time poorer children leave school, they lag more than two years behind other pupils in their academic achievements. The precise figure – 24.3 months – is an increase of three months since 2007.

EPI director for social mobility and vulnerable learners Jo Hutchinson said:

“Our research finds that the most persistently disadvantaged pupils in England have fallen even further behind their peers, with their  attainment gap at the end of secondary having grown since 2007.  At the current rate of progress, it would take a full 50 years to reach an equitable school system where disadvantaged pupils did not fall further behind their peers between the ages of five and 16.”

The Isle of Wight had the largest ‘attainment gap in the country the EPI found – two years and five months.. By contrast, three London Boroughs – Tower Hamlets, Southwark and Wandsworth – have the lowest: just seven months.

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  1. Dr manhattan says:

    “They looked at “persistently disadvantaged” youngsters and compared them to their more comfortable peers at secondary school”.
    i would say there is clear evidence to show that schools favor pupils from more well off parents.
    when i was at school back in the 70s they had a 3 level class system A B C.
    C being the lower class. the A & B classes were full of kids mainly from well off parents who lived on private estates. kids from council estates were usually always in the C classes. i personally knew kids from well off parents who were thick as a plank yet they were still put in A or B classes and they stayed there throughout their schooling.
    we could clearly see that this secondary school had a system of placing kids according to their parents living standard.
    if your mammy and daddy lived in a posh house on a private estate it meant you wont be going in a C class regardless of your intelligence level. they wouldnt dream of putting those kids in with the council house riff raff would they. C class meant Council house class.
    Thats how the Education establishment did things. a rubbish unfair system run by Snobs.

  2. Paul says:

    Conservatism in action. This is the very thing they seek to ‘Conserve’. Smashing families appart in family courts also stops kids from achieving great things. Limits asperations of children involved. Our family law system plays a big part in this. They won’t reform it because maybe its doing what its designed to do ? The privoliged shall remain privoliged, ruthless part of capitalism. What do I know. Im just a post truther.

  3. Dr Grumpy says:

    I listened to this report on the Today programme and not once did I hear mentioned the role of parents in this gap or closing it? Given just how little time kids spend at school in a year the blame for some of this must lie with the parents. Why do we insist on blaming the education system?

  4. Paul says:

    Sir sir the peasents are revolting. “Yes Baldric the peasents have always been revolting.”

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