‘Recruit more foster carers’ government told

Family Law|October 23rd 2017

The government should launch a national recruitment campaign for foster carers, the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) has claimed.

Speaking to the parliamentary Education Select Committee, ADCS president Alison Michalska said the number of new foster carers recruited was nowhere near enough to replace those leave. She urged the government to take action in response.

“One of the things government could do is to get behind a national campaign for recruiting foster carers. To actually show the range of skills [they need].”

She added:

“I think that the more we can do to raise the profile of fostering as a worthwhile thing to do and such a valuable service. There could be more national campaigning to raise the awareness and the rewards also of being a foster carer. I think that would be really beneficial.”

In May the Fostering Network estimated that more than 7,000 new carers were needed to meet current demand.

Photo by Carissa Rogers via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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  1. Helen Dudden says:

    I much prefer good foster care rather than forced adoptions. In some cases children are losing good family contacts.

  2. Dr. Manhattan. says:

    this is absolute rubbish.
    what the govt need to do is stop Social workers removing children from good parents who have committed no crime. there needs to be a survey to establish how many children have been removed from their parents who have not committed any crime against them.

    • Samantha says:

      DR Manhattan look at the comment from today’s ive put on. I doubt weather he will allow it through. What we have found “PURCHASE PLACEMENTS “ it’s known as for foster carers no wonder there advertising for more fostercare story come forward. Average was 2 years ago 90 children a day , now maths will tell you if you have 3 siblings in 1 house and a child is removed every 15/20 minutes on the RISK bs then we are treble in numbers.
      If in 3 months through England and Wales Courts 11,444,000 cases went through less than 10% of contact and SGO and kinship orders. We’re talking thousands of stolen children. We have demanded a investigation into the uk forced adoptions like the USA have done there’s and others too. We’re also known as #Mythsandmonsters keep your eyes peeled my friend a great challenge is ahead of us all

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