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    Do grandparents have a right to see their grandchildren?

    Not automatically, but do not lose hope. The law does recognise a child’s right to family life. This is not necessarily limited to parents, as it also includes grandparents who have supported and nurtured them.

    If you are a grandparent with a pressing family law matter, Stowe Family Law can advise on the legal rights available to you.  

    We advise grandparents in cases where divorce has led to obstructed or restricted relationships with grandchildren.

    I’m being prevented from seeing my grandchildren – what can I do?

    It is common to feel helpless in these circumstances, as perhaps you do not realise what options are available. If the parents of your grandchildren are doing all they can to keep you from them, you can turn to the Family Court for assistance.

    However, grandparents do not automatically have a right to apply to the court for an order in relation to a child. Therefore, grandparents will first need to apply for permission to proceed before officially seeking an order from the court, granting them permission to spend time with their grandchildren.


    When is the best time to take action?

    Taking action too soon could lead to unnecessarily elevated hostilities within the family. However, if there is a significant delay in resolving the issues, this can cause emotional harm to the children. It is a delicate balancing act. Therefore, initial advice from a specialist family law solicitor is recommended.

    Why Stowe Family Law?

    We have a team of experienced solicitors who can guide you through this emotionally charged time. Our team has dealt with man disputes involving grandchildren and can advise you what steps to take in order to achieve the best result for everyone.

    Our firm has a dedicated Children’s Department, and we have extensive experience representing clients in all aspects of child law. Our skills in this area have helped many grandparents across the country to reconnect with their grandchildren.

    Please note that although our expertise in this field can help you make the first steps to reconnect with your grandchild, we advise that court action is used only as a last resort. The welfare of the child must remain the paramount consideration. That said, a loving, positive and supportive relationship with grandparents is in the best interests of every child.

    When someone becomes a grandparent, they do not often expect to fight for a relationship with their grandchildren. Sadly, though, this can happen if the adults in a child’s life fall out. Divorce and separation are common reasons for a breakdown in contact between grandparents and grandchildren.

    If you have any questions about this, or any other aspect of family law, please get in touch.

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