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Legal aid and pro bono in Solicitors Journal

Senior Partner Marilyn Stowe’s latest article for the Solicitors Journal looked at legal aid and lawyers who work pro bono. The matter arose after Stowe Family Law offered their services for free to a woman who had lost her child. The boy’s father had been responsible for the death, yet the mother could not do anything with her son’s ashes because the father would not consent.

This was an intolerable situation and Stowe Family Law successfully rectified it. Kerrie Backhouse was able to lay her son’s ashes to rest.

Mrs Stowe asked where the government was on this case, and cases like it. Legal aid has been slashed which means more people must either hope to secure pro bono representation or do without it altogether.

But should a society be run on the expectation of charity? To read Mrs Stowe’s thoughts in full, click here for her latest Solicitors Journal article.

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