Divorce And Children Can be a Difficult Mix

It is always preferable for parents to reach an agreement in relation to child custody between themselves. However, such important decisions can be difficult to make, especially in the midst of an acrimonious divorce.

Stowe Family Law’s dedicated Children’s Department advises our clients on the options available to them as parents, and helps clients to resolve any contested issues raised in relation to children.

“A legal force of Nature”  – The Daily Telegraph

Child Custody and Residence OrdersOur Children’s Department has extensive experience representing clients in all aspects of child law, has particularly advanced the concept and practice of joint residence and has been involved with cases with a number of complex foreign elements. It specialises in difficult cases.
Stowe Family Law also assists clients with contact issues that may arise months or years after a divorce has been finalised.

These include cases where one parent wishes to move with the child to another part of the UK, or to another country.

In cases involving children, court action should be used as a last resort and the welfare of the children will remain the paramount consideration.

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