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Quality is not as expensive as you might think. We have a national reputation for heading our field, but we are also happy to agree our fees in advance. Our clients know about the likely costs of a case and are always kept fully up-to-date with costs.

Legal Costs and FundingYou should not allow worry about potential costs to deter you from obtaining professional advice, even if you live overseas, because at Stowe Family Law we take our client care very seriously and will always advise you of all the available options for funding your case.

At Stowe Family Law, clients prize our frank and transparent approach to fees. It is an approach that has been honed and adapted to clients’ needs and feedback ever since the firm was founded 30 years ago.

Morna Rose, the firm’s Chief Executive, is available from Monday to Friday to assist with queries about costs and other areas of client care, free of charge. So if you have a question or enquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact them.

From the very first telephone call…

Why not make an appointment for a free-of-charge “Lunchtime peace of Mind” visit to our offices? Simply call and arrange a lunchtime appointment and you will receive 30 minutes of legal advice at no cost to you. Or book an appointment at our free Family Legal Advice Clinic.

Instructing Stowe Family Law

If you wish to proceed and instruct Stowe Family Law, we will confirm the estimated fees and our solicitors’ charge-out rates in a written retainer letter, which we will ask you to sign and return to us.

If for any reason our original estimate has to be amended, we will notify you and obtain your consent before the further work is undertaken.


Stowe Family Law will send you a bill every month, to prevent costs mounting up and to ensure that you are aware of what your costs are as your case proceeds.

When you receive your monthly bill, you will also receive a breakdown of the costs for that month. Stowe Family Law only charges for time that has been recorded on your client ledger, cross-checked against our file entries and fully verified by our management team.

Our policy of manually cross-checking bills is labour-intensive, but it does ensure accuracy and your bills will be produced in this way at no extra cost to you. On the rare occasion that a discrepancy occurs, it will be corrected immediately.

At any time you may visit our offices and read through your client files, to satisfy your own cross-checks. You also have unlimited access to our management team, who will assist you free of charge with any queries.

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