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If you are a grandparent with a pressing family law matter, Stowe Family Law can advise on the legal rights available to you and the likely outcome in your particular case, and outline the possibility of obtaining a contact or residence order.

Here at Stowe Family Law, we advise grandparents in cases where divorce has led to obstructed or restricted relationships with grandchildren.

legal-rights-for-grandparentRelationships between family members are often at their most strained following divorce. However it is important that events do not interfere with the relationship between children and their relatives, particularly so between children and their grandparents, who often share a deep bond.

Contact and Residence

Legal rights for grandparents are currently limited, but they do exist.  While a recently divorced parent may have little desire to maintain contact with his or her former spouse’s family, the parent does not have the right to obstruct contact between the children and grandparents just because they find it uncomfortable.

Stowe Family Law’s highly-skilled team can advise on the legal rights available to you as a grandparent by virtue of the Children Act 1989, outline the likely outcome in your particular case and the possibility of obtaining a contact or residence order.

Our firm has a dedicated Children’s Department, and we have extensive experience representing clients in all aspects of child law. Our skills in this area have helped grandparents across the country to reconnect with their grandchildren.

As a result, our expert advice has been called upon by some household names. Marilyn Stowe, the Senior Partner at Stowe Family Law, was invited by Gloria Hunniford to contribute a chapter detailing rights for grandparents to the  TV and radio presenter’s new book: Glorious Grandparenting: Having the Time of Your Life with Your Grandchildren. Outlining the legal rights for grandparents, Marilyn Stowe provided advice and information to those grandparents who find themselves in difficult situations.

The firm was also approached by the producers of one of the UK’s best-loved programmes, Coronation Street, to offer expert advice on rights for grandparents. Marilyn Stowe and the Head of Stowe Family Law’s Children Department, assisted with a particularly sensitive custody battle storyline involving characters Simon Barlow, his father Peter and his grandfather George.

Please note that although our expertise in this field can help you make the first steps to reconnect with your grandchild, we advise that court action is used only as a last resort. The welfare of the child must remain the paramount consideration. That said, a loving, positive and supportive relationship with grandparents is in the best interests of every child.   

If you are a grandparent who needs advice regarding your grandchild, our qualified and experienced solicitors in London, Yorkshire or Greater Manchester can help.

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