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Forensic Accountancy

The specialist expertise of Stowe Family Law’s in-house forensic accountancy team is prized by our clients and has been featured in the Financial Times.

Unusually for a family law firm, Stowe Family Law has an in-house forensic accountancy team. Its specialist expertise is prized by our clients, and has been featured in the Financial Times. The demand for our forensic accountancy service continues to increase.

Stowe Family Law’s forensic accountants can access information, analyse it immediately and advise us where to concentrate our efforts. This helps to avoid the frustrating wait for financial information. Instead, our forensic accountants can provide immediate advice about the likely scale and nature of a case.

For a forensic accountant, divorce cases present particular challenges.

Sometimes there is a reluctance to give disclosure, or assets may be undervalued or undisclosed. With a forensic accountant as an advisor, however, the client can be given a swift measured opinion at the first or second interview. This is particularly pertinent when we have to consider a freezing order against a client’s spouse, or in other cases when time is of the essence.

Our forensic accountants can also provide advice about the likely value of a client's business for the purpose of a divorce as well as the likely income that can be taken from it and the extent to which the business can be used to provide funds to assist with settlement.This is useful because business values may be artificially inflated or deflated by the client, for a variety of reasons.

Our forensic accountancy team is headed by Nick White, who has more than 20 years’ forensic accounting experience, ranging from small cases to multi-million pound international frauds. He is assisted by Suzanne Grant. Their role at Stowe Family Law can encompass many aspect of a client’s affairs. They can assist with financial disclosures, investigate the accuracy of disclosures provided by the other party – particularly when there are business or offshore interests – and provide valuable assistance with financial settlement-related tax issues.

If you would like to find out more about Stowe Family Law’s forensic accountancy services, contact us for further information or to make an appointment.

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Head of the Forensic Accountancy Department

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Nick White heads Stowe Family Law’s in-house forensic accountancy department. He is a chartered accountant of 24 years’ standing. Before founding Stowe Family Law’s in-house forensic…

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