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Pro Bono

In the past Stowe Family Law has successfully helped a number of clients on a pro bono basis. If you believe you have a case with prospects of success and no means of funding, we may be able to assist.

Occasionally Stowe Family Law undertakes legal work on a pro bono basis, and we are proud of our record in this area.

In the past we have successfully helped a number of clients pro bono, including the following:

  • Mrs. Sally Clark, for whom we obtained previously undisclosed evidence that led to the quashing of her conviction for the murder of her two children. It also led directly to the freeing of other women from prison, the acquittal of others, children being returned to their natural families, an overhaul of the criminal and civil court procedures and medical and government reviews.
  • A student in relation to race concerns at a university, which formed part of a national focus on the issue.
  • A child and his family in relation to an education law dispute with his school. With our assistance, the child remained at his school.
  • A father who, several years earlier, had been permanently injuncted by a court from contact with his child. With our assistance, the injunction was ordered to be lifted.
  • Certain divorced wives on their successful appeals of an order of a lower court.
  • A high-level dispute with the Child Support Agency, in which the wife had agreed a clean break from her former husband on the basis of agreed child support. The father thereafter sought a reduction and we assisted her pro bono in her appeal to the Child Support Agency and a referral back to court of the entire case.
  • A dispute between a university student and her father to obtain appropriate funding for her studies.
  • An international custody case on behalf of a terminally ill mother, which included representations pro bono to a foreign court by our International Family Law Department.

If you believe you have a case with prospects of success and no other means of funding your case, Stowe Family Law may be able to assist you. Contact our Chief Executive, Morna Rose, and give brief details, which will be kept strictly confidential.

Please also see our free Family Legal Advice Clinics, where qualified Stowe Family Law solicitors are available to provide practical, face-to-face advice and support.

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