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Family law & divorce solicitors – London, Harrogate, Leeds, Wilmslow, Hale and Wetherby

Our family lawyers in London provide a full range of expert family law services.

Stowe Family Law is the UK’s largest dedicated family law practice, with an acknowledged outstanding national and international reputation.

Our family lawyers in London, Yorkshire and Cheshire specialise in all types of family law issues including divorce, high value financial settlements including corporate and offshore assets complex financial investigations and a range of children’s issues. Our family lawyers in London, Yorkshire and Cheshire also provide legal advice for same sex couples and cohabiting couples.

“This firm is widely held to be a force to be reckoned with.” Notes the Chambers UK Guide 2011. “It is a strong team with an insuppressible style and a fantastic practice.”

Stowe Family Law in London

Our elegant office on Fulwood Place is close to Gray’s Inn and Lincoln’s Inn, and is situated on a quiet street away from the area’s busy thoroughfares. It is open from Monday to Friday. To make an appointment with our family lawyers in London, please get in touch – our contact details are below.

Senior Partner Marilyn Stowe has more than 25 years’ experience handling divorce cases and family law proceedings, and is regarded as one of the most formidable and sought after divorce solicitors in London and the UK. She is highly skilled at uncovering attempts to disguise wealth and hide assets.

Our 40-strong team at Stowe Family Law includes family lawyers in London, Yorkshire and Cheshire, and also forensic accountants, who are experts in tracking down hidden assets. We have dedicated international family law and children departments.

Stowe Family Law’s London office is located just minutes from the Principal Registry and the High Court. We are pleased to act as agents for other solicitors and law firms, and our meeting and conference rooms are also available for hire.

Stowe Family Law Settlements in London

Our partner firm, Stowe Family Law Settlements, is also based at Fulwood Place in London. It is dedicated to helping couples and families whose relationships have broken down, but who wish to avoid protracted and expensive courtroom battles. What sets the practice apart is the way in which it combines mediation with family law expertise. It is staffed by a nine-strong team of “lawyer mediators”:  trained family mediators who are also qualified and highly experienced family lawyers.

The lawyer mediators at Stowe Family Law Settlements are able to assist with a range of legal disputes, including divorce and separation agreements, cohabitation agreements, child residence and contact disputes, grandparents’ rights and prenuptial agreements. This innovative form of dispute resolution was once little-known in the UK, but is expected to increase in popularity because with one lawyer instead of two, the legal fees are often lower. Couples are also able to maintain their privacy, because there are no court judgements to be made public.

For more information, contact us or visit the Stowe Family Settlements website.

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Stowe Family Law Settlements

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