Activist: Father’s Day ‘should be renamed’

Family|September 8th 2017

An Australian activist has caused outrage online after she suggested Father’s Day should be renamed “Special Person’s Day”.

Dr Red Ruby Scarlet, who has a doctorate in early childhood studies, believes that the change would be beneficial to many children, as well as wider families. During a recent appearance on Australian television, she said her proposed name would be more inclusive, especially for children who do not have a dad and feel bad when Father’s Day arrives. Changing the name would engender feelings of belonging among children from all kinds of families, she insisted.

The activist said:

“There are children who have a dad, who also have a grandfather and also have an auntie and also have other kinds of relatives … There are also a huge range of different family structures, so we have single parent families, satellite families, extended families, lesbian and gay families.”

During her appearance, Dr Scarlet did not say whether she thought Mother’s Day should also be renamed. Unsurprisingly, it did not take long before her comments were widely condemned online. Her idea was called “offensive”, “sexist” and a something from a member of “the PC brigade”.

New South Wales Education Minister David Elliot weighed in on the controversy, writing on Facebook that many “still celebrate fatherhood even after their father and grandfathers have passed away”. Father’s Day was “a wonderful time of reflecting and remembering” for a lot of people, he claimed.

Meanwhile, Fathers 4 Justice founder Matt O’Connor called it “yet another attempt to further undermine and marginalise fathers by a repugnant, fatherphobic minority”.

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  1. Paul says:

    Well it will surprise many of you to hear im all infavour of this. As long as we can change mothers day to ‘Alienating bitch day’.
    If this is not evidence that their is a femanist agenda to undermine the roll of men in the family then I don’t know what more evidence you could possibly want.
    Words fail me…

  2. Paul says:

    For the benefit of anyone that has never studied biology or have any basic grasp of science.
    All children have or have had a father.
    It is a biological fact.
    We need to reduce the number of children who do not have access to that very imporant figure in their lives and reduce the number of rabid femanazi scum who would like to see that end.
    Why is femanism not reguarded as a hate crime ?

  3. Andy says:

    Would that be the same for Mothers day…or should it be called “Special Persons Day”as well..
    Good old Dr Red Person with a extraordinary qualification on a chosen subject matter qualification..You can just see her or his CV,can’t you..
    Interview, Your qualifications as obtained are quite astounding, what are they actually???.
    Interview candidate reply…Well, They are qualifications in chosen subject that are inline with my equality and awareness of equality that have given me opportunity to support minors in educational and advancement in a chosen subject that leads me to support such…
    Interviewer,,,Errr What is that exactly…
    Interview candidate…Don’t Know……HaHa..
    Good old Activists…can’t answer there own questions if asked..

  4. James Franklin says:

    I am surprised it took so long…

    What next..

    Transgender Parent day?
    Gay father Christmas?
    Person Christmas?
    Black Beauty and the 7 people of different stature, sexuality and religions?

    Maybe we should only name anything after women and change the Gregorian calendar to the Georgina calender.

    Seriously…when are people going to stop listening to stupid people. No sane petson accepts or condones any form of discrimination, bias or behaviour likely to harm the young and vulnerable, but this really is now too far.

    If a man said something as offensive about women he woukd lose his job, likely get prosecuted under discriminations laws and simply be pilloried…so why can this be acceptable…

  5. Mr T says:

    Yep same here. Let’s have two celebrations for special person day?

    Yeah NO.

    Leave fathers and men alone. She’s doing absolutely nothing for her credentials.

    For me either leave the traditional days alone, or do away with both mothers and fathers day and have one “parents day”.

    Or finally hold your hands up and realise the mess feminism, the family courts and the CMS are doing and has absolutely destroyed the family unit to the point now where single parents are not only catered for but is becoming the norm by making provision for a “parents day”

  6. Andrew says:

    She should get out more.

  7. Paul says:

    Maybe we should introduce a third more unclussive day. ‘Obscure parentage day’ or a ‘day for children who don’t know what to call the strange man in the house day.’
    ‘Odd bod parents day’ ?
    ‘Happy mystery meat day’ ?
    ‘Happy sprem doners day’ ?
    ‘Happy mums current sausage day’ ?
    Their are countless ways you can offend natural parents with this bullsxxt.
    Well done John for finding that. You pushed all my buttons with that one. Its fair to say this post enraged me. As it should any father. If I have a heart attack I may jave to take legal action.

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