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Our team of Brighton family lawyers

Emma Newman
Having been through a divorce myself, I understand the emotional issues and the need to su...
Managing Partner, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Dorset
Gemma Thew
Gemma’s methodical approach, coupled with her focus on fully understanding her clien...
Team Leader Partner, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Dorset
Niamh McCarthy
My approach is to put my clients at ease from the outset and take time to discuss their ob...
Team Leader Partner, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Dorset
Gemma Artus
With experience in all areas of family law, including divorce and private child matters, I...
Senior Associate, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Dorset
Harriet Donovan
I am experienced in all areas of family law with a focus on challenging and emotionally ch...
Senior Associate, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Dorset
Nicola Beasley
Nicola strives for amicable dispute resolution where possible, whilst prioritising the wel...
Senior Associate, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Dorset
Sarah Hodges
I work across all areas of family law including divorce, financial and children issues wit...
Senior Associate, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Dorset
Fleur Ryder-Smith
Fleur is a dedicated family lawyer who listens to clients’ needs and objectives before d...
Associate, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Dorset
Sophie Ballinger
Sophie advises on many aspects of family law including representing parents and other fami...
Associate, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Dorset
Elona Smith
Elona is a Solicitor based in Stowe’s Brighton office.
Solicitor, Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire
Jessica Bennett
Jessica is a Solicitor based in our Esher office.
Solicitor, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Dorset
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Successful divorce lawyers & family solicitors in Brighton

We have extensive knowledge of the intricacies that individuals and families confront while dealing with family law issues, particularly significant financial conflicts. Our specialist family lawyers are always working to resolve complex financial situations involving many holdings. We also offer practical guidance and services in the area of child family law, such as child living arrangements (child arrangement orders) and how children spend time with their parents after the divorce is finalised.

Family Law Team

Our family law partners, solicitors, and chartered legal executive team have swiftly established a reputation as the top family law solicitors in East Sussex and as a specialised family law practice in Brighton.

The family law team in Brighton is led by Managing Partner Emma Newman, who is supported by an expert team of family solicitors. Our family law partners have unparalleled experience, guaranteeing that we provide a completely accurate service to assist you through the legal and emotional challenges involved with your family law matter.

Our diverse clientele includes high-net-worth families in the Brighton area with significant assets, income, investments, and overseas assets, as well as professional families and stay-at-home parents. Please contact our knowledgeable family law department today for additional information.

Our specialist family law firm can help with various problems and issues, including a relationship breakdown, civil partnership dissolution, international divorce, cohabitation agreements, complex financial disputes and any emotional difficulties involved.

Working with you – Collaborative law Brighton

Stowe Family Law Brighton takes the time to listen to your specific situation and provide tailored, honest advice and support to help you deal with whatever life throws at you. We are committed to finding the best solution for you and your family’s health. Our Brighton family lawyers are committed to assisting our clients during one of the most trying times of their lives.

Whether you’re going through a difficult divorce, resolving family issues, or simply needing family law assistance, our expert team of family lawyers is here to help.

Financial disputes and settlements – Family solicitors Brighton

To offer an accurate view of your situation, Stowe’s Brighton team is assisted by a wide range of additional specialists, including accountants. We will locate all necessary assets in order to reach a fair financial settlement for all parties concerned.

Our family law partners and solicitors have vast knowledge with divorce or civil partnership dissolution finances, including tax, property, valuations, accounts, pensions, and other assets.

Family Law Advice

Whether you’re concerned about financial settlements during your family law case, or you’re worried your former partner is taking advantage of you, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Our team of family lawyers have extensive experience when it comes to Brighton and Hove law, and we will work to help you achieve a fair result.

We offer expert advice whether you are going through a divorce or you have issues with a civil partnership. Our team of specialist family law solicitors provide legal advice and represent clients based on child arrangements, post nuptial agreements, financial arrangements and any complex and contentious issues.

Brighton family law solicitors – on your side, in and out of court

We are here to help you no matter what you are going through as a family or what form your family takes. Our Brighton and Hove law firm will provide precise and understandable family law advice, as well as practical and legal assistance throughout the process.

We are here for you if you are going through a divorce or a civil partnership dissolution, or if you need expertise in child law. Your collaborative lawyer will work with you to safeguard your interests and the interests of your family.

We will listen to you, provide you advice, and walk you through the legal and practical aspects of divorce and other family concerns. We prefer to settle out of court, but we are equally experienced in litigation, with a strong, robust strategy and a good track record of victory.

Alternatives to going to court revolve around conversations between spouses and their solicitor or solicitors. Family mediation and arbitration are two tried-and-true approaches that can be described to you during your initial session. We can also arrange for a family mediator to assist you in avoiding court proceedings whenever possible.

Helping you before, during and after separation

Stowe’s Brighton and Hove Law team are highly experienced when it comes to advising and acting in all aspects of family law. Your supportive team will be composed of a collaborative lawyer and, if required, a chartered legal executive, accounts and other members of the legal profession.

We have extensive expertise advising and representing clients in all facets of family law, with a special emphasis on resolving complex financial issues and preserving children’s welfare throughout a separation or divorce. Our clients range from high-net-worth people with complicated financial situations to local professionals with simpler issues.

Asset protection

Whether you wish to protect your wealth or want to ensure your financial future is secured, our family solicitors in Brighton work hand-in-hand with our in-house accountancy team to obtain the best representation and outcome. Whether your assets are based in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, the UK or even internationally, we are here for you.

Stowe is monitored by the law society, ensuring we deliver a consistent, excellent service to all our clients. Our specialist family solicitors are here to help with your family breakdown. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

What our clients say

Visit our Brighton family law solicitors

We can be found at Room 525 in Mocatta House on Trafalgar Pl, just a five minute walk from Brighton train station. If travelling by car, use the A23 then turn onto the A270. The nearest car parks include Sainsbury’s and London Road Car Park.

Easily accessible from the South East of England, we give expert guidance on divorce and separation to clients in Brighton, across the county of East Sussex as well as Worthing, Newhaven, Eastbourne, Haywards Heath and other surrounding areas.

Our phone lines are open from 8:30am – 7pm, Monday to Friday.
and 9am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Understanding what you're going through

  • Making family law easier to grasp

  • Helping to take the strain

  • Tailoring our services for you and your circumstances

Our family law and divorce expertise in Brighton

Our family law and divorce expertise in Brighton

  • Starting the divorce process

    The person initiating the divorce submits a divorce application to the court and is thereafter known as the Applicant. If your ex-partner has already done that, then you will be referred to as the Respondent. The divorce process requires different actions of Applicants and Respondents at different times, and there are strategic implications for both, especially if one of you lives overseas.

  • How long your divorce is likely to take?

    In England & Wales, for straightforward divorce cases, the process can take between 6 – 8 months. On average, the whole process takes approximately one year. Longer than 12 months is common for cases where there are drawn out disagreements on child and financial matters. It is impossible to predict exactly how long a divorce will take, though a good a divorce lawyer will help give you an educated estimate.

    Here at Stowe Family Law, we will do everything we can to expedite the process, while ensuring that every step of the process adheres to Bright and Hove law.

  • How much your divorce is likely to cost?

    The cost of a divorce includes the court fee (currently £593) and the costs of the solicitors who assist the parties with the divorce process if they are instructed.

    The person applying for the divorce (the applicant) will be responsible for covering the court fee. If the application is a joint one, applicant 1 will pay the court fee. 

    It is important to note that costs relating to the divorce are different from those incurred in negotiating a financial settlement and/or child arrangements.

  • Who gets the children in a divorce?

    Child arrangements depend largely on what the family decides, the suitability of each parent, the child’s wishes and where applicable, the ruling of a family court Judge and social services. Resulting arrangements can include sole custody, where one parent is the sole caretaker of the child, joint custody and third-party custody where a third party such as a grandparent becomes responsible for the child’s welfare.

    At Stowe, we specialise in working out and providing creative, bespoke solutions to ensure a fair child arrangement order as part of your separation agreement, which puts the childrens’ welfare first. If you’re looking for a collaborative process during your child arrangement process, our experienced team of family law and divorce solicitors are here to support you.

    We can also collaborate with social services where required, to ensure that your children are protected throughout this process. Social services can often make judgements based on the child’s behaviour, attitudes towards each parent, and their parents’ lifestyles. Here at Stowe, a collaborative lawyer from our team will ensure that social services have access to a;; the information, to make the right judgment call for your child’s wellbeing.

  • Cohabitation disputes in Brighton and Hove

    Stowe Family Law offers legal support for cohabitation dispute resolution and cohabitation agreements. Our team of separation solicitors in Brighton and the surrounding areas can guide you through the legal process and help you to resolve a wide range of family issues related to housing. Our family department can work with you to ensure cohabitation agreements are reached which benefit all parties, including any children involved.

  • Can Stowe Family Law help with ex pat divorce?

    Stowe’s solicitors in Brighton can provide divorce services for expats across the world. Our Brighton and Hove solicitors offer a collaborative process to represent clients from across the world. Whether you’re going through an ex pat civil partnership relationship breakdown, or an international divorce, our experienced team is here to help.

  • Is Stowe monitored by the Solicitors Regulation Authority?

    Yes, we are! We are members of the Law Society, hold specialist law society accreditation and are monitored by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. As law society members, we are held to, and exceed, an extremely high standard of service for all our clients.

    As members of the law society in East Sussex, we provide legal advice and support to meet all Brighton and Hove law requirements. We also offer the same high standard of service across West Sussex and the surrounding areas. For more information on our complete range of services, monitored by the law society and independent third party reviews, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

  • Will Stowe help with business assets?

    Yes, we will. If there are commercial assets which will be impacted by your divorce or separation, our experienced team is here to help. We can work with you to resolve all manner of domestic and financial issues that your separation might incur. Our legal service is a collaborative process with yourself, your ex partner and their legal team. We will work on resolving matters in a fair and equitable manney, while still protecting your assets.

    As part of our legal services, we prefer to achieve out-of-court settlements where possible. That being said, we are happy to represent clients from across Brighton, Hove, East and West Sussex, and work to resolve any commercial or financial issues that your divorce or separation will cause.

  • I signed a prenuptial agreement - Can Stowe still help me?

    Of course! Our team of family law specialists offer a complete service, and we can often offer advice on your pre-nuptial agreements, and even help you put together post-nuptial agreements where required. Your collaborative lawyer will do everything in their power to help you achieve a fair and even distribution of assets between yourself and your partner.

    For specialist family law services in Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

  • Are separation agreements legally binding?

    Separation agreements are typically a bespoke document which you and your partner will put together once you’ve decided not to live together. These separation agreements typically cover a range of financial issues and can include family mediation requirements.

    If there are any assets which aren’t covered by a prenuptial agreement but which are of particular interest to one or either party, they are often mentioned in the separation agreement too.

  • What are the costs involved with Stowe's Brighton office?

    The costs involved when it comes to using our specialist family law services depend on a range of factors, including the length and complexity of the case. In most cases, a more complex case will require more work and, as such, require a higher legal fee. That’s one of the reasons we choose to settle out-of-court wherever possible – it helps to keep fees as low as possible, and ensures civility between yourself and your ex partner, without requiring lengthy litigation.

    Stowe’s Brighton and Hove office offers significantly more reasonable rates than large London firms, without compromising in service or results. Each office is supported by our national framework of accountants and legal executives, meaning you’ll receive a complete support network, with genuine legal advice for your bespoke situation.

  • My relationship involved domestic abuse - Can Stowe's family lawyers help?

    If you’ve suffered domestic abuse in your relationship, or you’re being unfairly accused of abuse, we can help you. Our experienced team, members of the law society, offer a supportive and collaborative service to help you escape a potentially dangerous or threatening relationship. For a complete service from a specialist family lawyer in Brighton, Hove or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

  • Your entitlement to the family home

    As a starting point in a divorce, assets are split 50:50. As the family home is often the largest asset in the matrimonial pot, then it is common for it to be split between the parties. If a family has other assets, then the house could be given to one party and the other assets to the other. Children are another factor that affects financial arrangements during a divorce.

    To answer this question accurately, a comprehensive understanding will be required of your family finances. Stowe’s local team of divorce solicitors will work with you to achieve a clear understanding of your domestic finances and assets, and ensure that the separation agreement is fair to all parties involved.

  • Updates from our Brighton office


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