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Every client’s case is individual

Tailoring our support to your specific needs and giving estimates up front we feel is the best way to handle the cost of a divorce and other family law issues, such children’s law and pre-nuptial agreements.

To speak to a family lawyer about your case costs, please call or email to arrange an appointment

You should not allow worries over the potential costs to deter you from obtaining professional advice. Early and comprehensive advice is invaluable to ensure that all aspects of your family’s needs are considered.

We take our relationship with each client seriously and will always advise you of all the available options for funding your case. We can also introduce clients to lenders who are prepared to offer borrowing facilities to cover legal fees, which are often not repayable until the case is over. Availability, rates of interest and other terms vary according to each individual case.

As the case progresses we will ensure you remain aware, and in control of your costs. Our clients value our frank and transparent approach to fees.

We Want to Ensure You Have the Right Solicitor

We believe you should have the opportunity to speak to your solicitor, without being charged, before you choose to entrust your case to us. It is important you are comfortable with your solicitor; you feel they understand your legal needs and, just as importantly, the emotional aspects of your situation. Please call us today for more information or to make an appointment.

Instructing Stowe Family Law

If you wish to proceed and instruct Stowe Family Law, you can be confident that you will be in control of your costs:

  • We will agree a cost estimate with you at the start of the process
  • We will formally update you on progress of costs, both incurred and anticipated, on a monthly basis
  • You will have visibility of how the costs are incurred and when you are likely to see peaks and troughs in your costs
  • We will work with you to help smooth out your costs where possible, e.g. through a payment plan
  • We will immediately consult you if your estimate needs to be amended. In these circumstances we will explain why we have had to do so and obtain your agreement before any further work is carried out


Stowe Family Law will send you a bill every month to ensure that you are aware of what your costs are as your case proceeds.

We are available to assist with queries about costs and other areas of the service we provide to you, free of charge. So if you have a question or enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We can also introduce clients to lenders who are prepared to offer borrowing facilities to cover legal fees. In these circumstances, the money often does not need to be repaid until the case is over.  We do not specifically recommend any lender, but we have relationships with some litigation funding providers such as Ampla, Novitas and Level.

Pro-bono and Legal Aid

Stowe Family Law is not able to offer legal aid to clients and we do not take on any pro-bono work.

Visit our legal aid page for more information on how to obtain public funding for family law cases.


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