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A question of timing

Did you know that this family law and divorce blog is nearly five years old? To date, 2012 has been another bumper year for visitors and I remain grateful to all those readers, new and old, who take the time to visit and comment. This blog wouldn’t be what it is without you.

Family law changes fast. Over the past few years there have been momentous changes to the laws governing a couple’s finances, property and any children they have. Which is why, looking back through the blog’s now extensive archives, I am interested (and pleased!) to note how many of the older posts are still relevant to today’s readers.

By way of example, here is what we were posting about on this week in the years gone by:

On this week in 2011: How to negotiate: winning advice from Julian Hawkhead
Julian is the managing partner of Stowe Family Law’s Harrogate office. He also has a reputation for being an excellent negotiator. After he was approached by Men’s Health magazine and asked to contribute to a “masterclass in professional negotiation”, I asked him to write a more detailed post for this blog. It struck me that his advice applied to plenty of real-life situations, not just divorce.

On this week in 2010: Boris Berezovsky’s divorce: the “biggest settlement in British legal history”?
When the second wife of Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky was granted a “quickie divorce” at the High Court, our firm’s International Family Law Department was contacted by journalists for expert comment and analysis. A good deal of interest then, as now, centred upon the belief that London is the divorce capital of the world for the wives of wealthy men. Frank Arndt, the head of our International Family Law Department, told the FT:
“There is a perception that wives can achieve a fairer settlement in England and importantly there are obligations here for full and frank disclosure of assets belonging to one party, which there may not be in some countries. Often husbands see divorce as a business deal and look at which jurisdiction is best.”

On this week in 2009: Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster – but are you paranoid? Divorce encourages different people to respond in different ways. Innocent spouses can be accused of harassment and misconduct. The accuser may then refuse to allow the other parent to see a child. This paranoia can continue to play out all the way into the courtroom, with the hapless child caught in the middle. Sadly, this is not uncommon behaviour in my experience.

On this week in 2008: How to act in court
Four years on, this list of dos and don’ts is still one of the blog’s most popular posts. Clients don’t always realise that how they dress, act and speak can be crucial factors that may weigh on a judge’s mind during a case. Time and time again I am taken aback by men and women whose presentation and conduct in court are nothing short of idiotic. I cannot invent a case – but I can advise on subtle detail!

There is now so much here online, that I am tempted to turn at some of the blog’s content into a book…! 

The founder of Stowe Family Law, Marilyn Stowe is one of Britain’s best known family law solicitors and divorce lawyers. She retired from Stowe Family Law in 2017.

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  1. John Bolch says:

    Happy (nearly) fifth birthday! Long may the blog continue.

  2. Marilyn Stowe says:

    Thanks John

  3. DT says:

    Well done you!
    It’s a credit to you Marilyn; it really is.
    It must take up a phenomenal amount of your time and energy. How you manage to consistently generate new and interesting articles (legal and other) – I just don’t know.
    Despite increasing competition, this blog still stands out. You and your team should be really proud of yourselves.
    You’ve not only set the standard for bloggers and lawyers, but you and your work over the past 30 years has made the law a much more accessible and realistic career option for women and I think that’s brilliant.
    You set the bar – and now you just keep on raising it!
    Best wishes to you, your team and all my fellow contributors.
    Here’s to another 5!

  4. Marilyn Stowe says:

    Many thanks. As you will see from the next post I’m actually in Florida right now but I still can’t stop!
    I’m very grateful to everyone who contributes and that includes you.

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