Barrister ends up £8 million worse off after challenging divorce settlement

Divorce|News|Relationships|March 18th 2013

A barrister who claimed her £26 million divorce settlement was too low, has been awarded a reduced sum of £18 million by the High Court.

Jenifer Evans, 47, originally accepted a divorce settlement of £26 million after she split from ex-husband Mark, 48, in 2010. This figure represented half of their £52 million assets, according to a report in The Telegraph. In July 2012 she went to court, claiming the settlement was unfair and seeking a higher payout.

Since the initial proceedings the couple’s total fortune had shrunk to £40.7 million and last week Mrs Evans was awarded 45 per cent – just over £18 million – by Mr Justice Moylan.

During the case the High Court heard that the couple had run up a litigation bill of £2.7 million. The judge said the case of Evans V Evans had descended into “point scoring” and that the pair became “entangled in a bitter forensic battle”.

At a hearing last year Lord Justice Thorpe also criticised the Evans’ behaviour:

“It seems to me almost puerile, these very rich people distrusting and disliking each other so intensely, so somebody has to come into the nursery to make some rules to dissipate all this nonsense.”

Jenifer and Mark Evans are both US nationals and were married in 1985. They have two children together from their 25 year marriage, aged 18 and 16.

Mrs Evans lives in what was the family home in Knightsbridge with the couple’s 16 year old daughter. Mr Evans now lives in San Francisco with his 18 year old daughter, his new wife with whom he is expecting a baby and his wife’s two children from a previous marriage.


Photo of the Royal Courts of Justice by Mal Booth via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

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