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Introducing divorce coaching at Stowe

At Stowe, we understand how important it is to get the right support from the right professional during divorce. 

That’s why we’re launching Divorce Coaching at Stowe, in partnership with the Divorce Coaching Academy and their partner coaches. 

This first phase sees us deliver a new searchable directory of highly qualified divorce coaches to connect you with coaches who specialise in offering emotional and practical support to people during divorce and separation.

What is a divorce coach? 

A divorce coach is a trained professional who specialises in working with individuals facing relationship breakdowns. They combine coaching expertise with a deep understanding of the divorce process, offering practical advice and emotional support throughout. 

While you navigate separation, a coach is there to encourage and empower you, so you can move forward positively.  

Why use a divorce coach? 

While our divorce lawyers specialise in achieving the best legal outcome for you and your family, a divorce coach can guide you through the non-legal aspects of the divorce journey, helping you manage the personal toll of separation.  

Offering emotional and practical support, they will tailor your divorce coaching sessions to focus on your needs, for example: 

  • Emotional support and empowerment
  • Practical guidance and education 
  • Legal information (not advice) 
  • Parenting plans  
  • Improved communication with your ex 
  • Saving you time and money 
  • Support with domestic abuse 
  • Building a support network 
  • Helping you focus on the future and post-divorce support. 

How does the divorce coaching programme at Stowe work? 

Our program includes a searchable directory of divorce coaches. Here, you can easily access our partner divorce coaches, each highly trained, qualified, and respected in their field. 

Along with connecting you to accredited coaches, you can also find additional information about divorce coaching and individual profile pages for each coach. 

If you’re looking to work with a divorce coach, we recommend browsing through the profiles to find the right fit. Most coaches offer a free initial call with no commitment. 

You can find all the coaches’ details on their profile pages and contact them directly through the Stowe website. 

Find out more about Divorce Coaching at Stowe and browse the directory. 

Who is the Divorce Coaching Academy? 

Headed up by highly respected and experienced divorce coaches, Dr Sue Palmer-Conn, Tom Nash and Mel Murphy, the Divorce Coach Academy is the UK’s only externally accredited specialist divorce coach training programme. 

Working with their graduates and partner coaches ensures you can find a professional coach, trained to a high standard, via Stowe’s Divorce Coaching directory.  

Divorce and separation are tough, but with Stowe, you’ll find the expert support you need to move forward positively.  

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