UKIP adoption row: council apologises for handling of case

Children|News|May 23rd 2013

RotherhamRotherham Metropolitan Borough Council has apologised for its handing of the decision to remove three foster children from a UKIP-supporting couple.

Following a review of the controversial incident, the Council concluded that removal was in the  best interests of the Eastern European children, but the decision was poorly communicated.

In a statement, the Council noted:

“… we accept the impression left following media interviews on the morning of November 24 was that the removal of the children was solely because of the foster carers’ membership of UKIP and the council apologises for this.

The authority said it had :

“…taken action to strengthen the way it makes decisions, communicates and shares information.”

Membership of the political party was not itself sufficient reason to remove children from foster care, the Council insisted.

“The council can confirm that membership of UKIP would not prevent any individual from being considered as a foster carer in Rotherham and could not be a reason for removing foster children from a placement.”

Following the removal, Education Secretary Michael Gove claimed

“Rotherham Council have made the wrong decision in the wrong way for the wrong reasons.”

Photo of Rotherham by Ben Sutherland via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence 


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  1. statekidnap says:

    Removing children from a stable home IS significant emotional harm. Rotherham LA have done what no doubt they have been accusing families of for years. They have caused significant emotional harm to three young children. Those who made this decision should be removed from their positions and all their previous actions should be investigated as no doubt this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. Observer says:

    Yeah, good luck with that. You don’t seem to comprehend that these people are organized like the mafia, and back each other up. Complaints and investigations procedures only exist to disguise the fact that they are just that – procedures and nothing else.

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