Ender’s Game: Orson Scott Card calls for tolerance of anti-gay marriage campaigners

Marriage|News|July 11th 2013

Controversial author Orson Scott Card has called for tolerance of people opposed to gay marriage.

The novelist and practicing Mormon is known for his opposition to same sex marriage, and has been targeted by gay rights activists. Campaign group  Geeks Out  recently called for a boycott of Ender’s Game, the forthcoming adaption of his best known science fiction novel starring Harrision Ford.

The 61 year-old author has now released a statement on the campaign, saying gay marriage had become “moot” and appearing to concede defeat on the issue:

“Ender’s Game is set more than a century in the future and has nothing to do with political issues that did not exist when the book was written in 1984.

With the recent Supreme Court ruling, the gay marriage issue becomes moot.  The Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution will, sooner or later, give legal force in every state to any marriage contract recognized by any other state.

Now it will be interesting to see whether the victorious proponents of gay marriage will show tolerance toward those who disagreed with them when the issue was still in dispute.”

The ‘Full Faith and Credit Clause’  tasks US states with  respecting the “public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state.”

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