Government awards start-up grants to voluntary adoption agencies

Children|April 8th 2014

The government has awarded a £500,000 start-up grant to each of three new voluntary adoption agencies.

Coram Cambridgeshire Adoption, based in Cambridge and Huntingdon, ARC Adoption North East, based in Sunderland, and Midlands agency Adopters for Adoption, were awarded the funding after they committed to each finding 100 adopters in their first three years.

The new agencies will join the existing 25 voluntary agencies across England. Each helps to recruit and assess potential adoptive parents.

Children’s Minister Edward Timpson said:

“It’s great to see three new agencies opening their doors today as a direct result of the government’s investment, finding and helping up to 300 potential adopters across the country. With more than 6,000 children still waiting for a loving home, it’s vital we continue to do all that we can to recruit new parents and give voluntary adoption agencies a key role in boosting the number of adopters further.”

Meanwhile, a new Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies will oversee the distribution of a £13 million government expansion fund for voluntary agencies.

Photo by Visit Greenwich under a Creative Commons licence

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  1. David Mortimer says:

    Dear Marilyn Stowe,

    Broadening the definition of abuse gives the state more power to question parents & put more children into care regardless it seems of the poor outcomes & cost.

    I’m sure you’re aware the Supreme Court has already considered the future psychological harm and threshold criteria

    but what I would like to know is if you think it’s right for social workers in the UK to use future harm as a good reason to take peoples children away from them or not when the supreme court has said that suspicions or possibilities were not enough when considering the significant harm threshold?

    Best regards Dave

  2. Amanda Eyre says:

    Excellent questions David. Is there any hope for those of us falsely accused to engage in adoption?

    I’ve had my professional reputation and livelihood destroyed completely and repeatedly thanks to “busy professionals” making poorly researched decisions.

    If anyone wants to know the precise details of these deliberate tax payer funded derailings – I have all the time in the world to tell you but the people paid to sort it out do not.

    My family has been touched by the corrupt UK Family Law system across the decades. I can concur with the emerging view that we are being engineered. Encouraged to be wasteful and consumptive, if one becomes genuinely needy (homeless/abused/unwell) and seeks (or is referred) for State Support/social services, their card is marked.

    My personal crime was becoming an escapee of domestic abuse with my infant daughter, 13 years ago.

    You have been warned. Work towards independence – make your community sustainable, invest in renewables. Demonstrate the power of the people and speak out for the victims of this draconian oligarchy while you still can.

  3. Winston Smith says:

    I am concerned public funding should be lavished on these organisations.

    If it had been given for support work for families to Social Services Department many of the children would not have been taken into Care in the first place.

    What is not made clear is that the children are the victims of Forced Adoption.

    Thus the new agencies are in fact trafficking in children to supply the Forced Adoption Industry, no other supply of children being available.. It would also be untrue these Children “are waiting in Care for Loving Homes” – in most cases they already have them, given the almost 100% conviction rate of the Families hauled before the Family Court and the rubber stamping of all plans for Forced Adoption – have you seen what goes on in these secret courts?

    Perhaps grants can be given for support groups for Forced Adopted children who run home at 16 to their real families – such people actually exist and speak at conferences.

  4. Yvie says:

    Government money would be better spent supporting both parents at the point of separation and encouraging and enabling both parents to have meaningful contact with their children. The first port of call regarding child matters should not be the Family Courts, it should be the last port of call.

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