Children and families minister hails adoption changes

Children|May 30th 2014

The government has announced a new package of adoption regulations set to come into force in July.

The measures were outlined in an official report summarising responses to the consultation paper Adoption: getting it right, making it work. They include:

*Ensuring that ethnicity is not prioritised over other factors such as the ability to provide a stable home.

*Allowing people who have already been approved as adopters to actively search for children in need of a home.

*Requiring councils to actively consider fostering for adoption, a scheme which allow prospective adopters to foster children they may later formally adopt.

*Requiring councils to fully inform all prospective adopters of their rights.

Children and families minister Edward Timpson said:

“We’ve seen promising progress in the last 12 months – a significant rise in adoptions and a huge increase in the number of adopters, but I’m determined to do everything in my power to make sure the 6,000 children waiting are offered safe and caring homes.”

He added:

“Our reforms to the register, greater use of fostering for adoption and the removal of unnecessary delay will mean would-be adopters can play a greater role in the process and help ensure children are placed with a new loving family much more quickly.”


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  4. shaun jenkins says:

    This is not really what innocent families losing their children to forced adoptions and the corruptions within social services and secret family courts.We want change protect our children and parents that are destroyed by local authorities

  5. Charley Atkinson says:

    This is just disgusting, so first off you can lose your child, not because you have done something wrong, but because there is a risk that you might emotionally harm them in some unspecified way at some unspecified time in the future, called a ‘risk of future emotional harm’ adoption, but then the children can be passed form pillar to post, the adoptive parents can look through the baby catalogue and then indulge themselves in a try before you buy service, sorry but I have to go and vomit now.

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