New government advice on care orders involving foreign children

News|September 15th 2014

The Department of Education has issued new guidance on care orders and protection proceedings when the child has links to a foreign country.

Working with foreign authorities: child protection cases and care orders is aimed at professionals working directly with children, such as social workers and lawyers in local authority children’s departments.

It offers a range of non-statutory guidance, including basic principles, a summary of international legislation, and an outline of organisations which can provide advice or assistance to child protection professionals in such cases.

The report notes:

“It is sometimes difficult for social workers to know when and how to involve foreign authorities in child protection cases with a foreign element. It can also be difficult to decide who to inform and at what point in the process. The timeliness of these decisions can make a huge difference, both in the support that might be offered to the families by their Embassy and, where a case goes to care proceedings, in the timeliness of the court decision.”

Read the report here.

In July, a report commissioned by the Department for Education called for the simplification of serious case reviews, which are held when a child dies or suffers significant harm following neglect or abuse.

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  1. WHO CARES when foreign children are #abused in #fostercare? | A Nigerian Family – Destroyed by Haringey Council – Gagged from Reporting says:

    […] when I read about the guidelines by a Government that supposedly cares, I must […]

  2. Sabine McNeill says:

    What are the guidelines for foreign children being abused in care, please?

    I have seen too many. By way of example:

    1. Nigerian:

    2. Portuguese:

    3. Lithuanian:

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