British-born son of Hungarian mother put up for adoption

Children|October 29th 2014

A boy born in the UK to a Hungarian mother has been put up for adoption by the High Court.

In what the judge described as “a very sad case”, the mother arrived in the UK when she was two months pregnant.

She had been “sexually and physically abused throughout her life”. Growing up, she was abused by her father and uncle back in Hungary before being exploited as a prostitute. She was subsequently a victim of sex trafficking, which took her to Germany and then the UK.

Upon entry to this country, she continued to work as a prostitute with all but £2.50 per day going to her pimp. She worked right up until the day her son was born and was forced back to work following the birth.

The pimp regularly assaulted the mother until she finally fled. With only the baby with her, she was found by a couple who immediately notified social services. She was placed into a bed and breakfast accommodation and the pimp was arrested.

However, the mother had “an extraordinarily difficult time” establishing a connection with and caring for her baby. She admitted that, despite her best efforts, she was unable to love the child. Nevertheless she supported his placement to foster care. The mother later returned to Hungary.

Sitting at the High Court in Leeds, Her Honour Judge Hillier noted that the Hungarian authorities had “been given every opportunity to intervene” in the case but had not done so. She therefore ordered that the child be put up for adoption, as that was in his best interests.

The judge concluded that it was “very sad” the mother was unable to establish a connection with her son, but he should know that “everything possible for him to be cared for within his family was tried”.

To read the full judgment, click here.

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