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A recently launched website offers social and lifestyle advice to divorcing parents. is aimed at those who are currently going through the process of splitting up with their partner, those who already have, and even those who might in the future.

It offers advice on the many issues that parents, grandparents and step-families may face, including children, money, health and relationships. A range of parenting advisers, dating experts and life coaches are available.

Andrew Ellis founded the website in his spare time. He claims that there was “nothing out there that focused on the experts who can actually help you overcome the challenges you are facing”, so he created a site which would help “create a more balanced and harmonious life” for people who are going through the “difficult transition” of divorce.

Mr Ellis added that he hopes visitors to the site will find it “motivational, inspirational, and an uplifting start of a new journey”. He also publishes a free quarterly magazine, also called Divorced Parents, which covers similar topics.

Last year, a similar website was launched which aimed to help and advice for children of divorce.

To visit Divorced Parents, click here.


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