Welsh wife seeks half her husband’s fortune

Divorce|November 10th 2015

A wife from Caernarvon in north Wales has launched a bid for half her husband’s fortune after he left her for another woman.

Sarah Pursglove and her estranged Robert Oesterlund made a multimillion dollar fortune from internet advertising. They enjoyed a jet setting lifestyle, with homes in no less than six countries: Canada, the United States, Finland, Monaco, Wales and the Bahamas. They also maintained a 165 ft yacht with a staff of 12.

The marriage collapsed when the couple hired an interior designer to redecorate their penthouse home in Toronto, which stands on top of a 55 storey hotel. According to reports, Mr Oesterlund formed a relationship with the designer and moved in her with her, eventually asking Mrs Pursglove for a divorce at the end of 2012.

She now seeks a settlement of £150 million, half the estimated matrimonial assets of £300 million fortune. The case, still in its early stages, is likely to continue for some time.

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