Woman attempts to crowdfund divorce

Divorce|January 13th 2016

A Cheshire woman has turned to a popular crowdfunding website in order to help sell her house and separate from her husband.

Sara McNally and husband Neil married back in 2010 but decided to bring their relationship to an end in late 2014. The couple were “no longer making each other happy”, but they insisted that they “still care about each other very much”.

In order to buy their home in the first place, Sara and Neil had taken out a £25,000 loan. The couple tried to sell the house, putting it on the market in 2014. Then “everything fell apart”, she told the Liverpool Echo.

Soon after they couple decided to separate, Sara’s father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she had to undergo “a much-needed major operation” so they postponed the sale and remained living under the same roof. When they tried again, they discovered that they could only expect a price of around £100,000. Sara told the paper that as the mortgage is around £80,000 the couple would “be left with nothing what with paying the loan back too”.

So the 36 year-old turned to crowdfunding website GoFundMe to raise £30,000 to help the couple move forward with their lives. Sara said she “would regret it if [she] did not look at every possible option” to address her financial worries, adding that she was “not someone who asks for help easily but … would genuinely like to give us a chance to make our new dreams a reality”.

On her funding page, Sara wrote that her financial arrangements with Neil were initially “based on long term plans for our future together” but since they decided to divorce “these commitments have become burdens”. The situation has forced the couple “to stay living in the same home and effectively tied together for the foreseeable future”, she claimed.

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  1. Andrew says:

    She’s asking strangers to pay her or their debts?

    Good luck, Madam, but don’t come knocking at my electronic door or I might set the electronic dog on you.

  2. Luke says:

    I think it’s very funny, if any people are stupid enough to give her money for whining away about such trivial reasons then that’s their problem.
    Unfortunately for Sara it seems a lot of people got quite indignant about it and I think she took quite a lot of abuse – which she should have seen coming – so now:
    “Sara’s page could no longer be found on the Go Fund Me website”…
    I think Sara must have eventually decided that for the peanuts she was likely to get the aggravation wasn’t worth it 😀

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