Second reading of no fault divorce bill moved to May

Divorce|March 18th 2016

A second reading of the No Fault Divorce Bill introduced by Tory MP Richard Bacon has been postponed until the next session of Parliament.

The proposed legislation would amend existing marriage and partnership law, making changes to both the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and the Civil Partnership Act 2004. It would introduce an option to divorce solely through the written consent of both parties, with no other reason needed or and no requirement to attribute fault.

A number of other countries, including Australia, Spain, Sweden and Canada, already offer the option of divorcing with no blame attached. Baroness Hale of the Supreme Court has expressed support for the  idea of introducing such a system in the UK.

Mr Bacon’s bill received its first reading in October and had been scheduled for a later-than-expected second reading this month but it was pushed out by pressure from other pending legislation. No alternative timeslots were available, so the second reading will now be held during the next parliamentary session, which begins on 18 May.

The text of the proposed legislation is available to read here.

Photo of the Houses of Parliament by Alan Cleaver via Flickr

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  1. M Curran says:

    This may hep slightly but what is required is a change legalisation to sort out finances on divorce. Far to many vulnerable individuals (mainly women) are treated unfairly in the court system. Cases run for years costing tens of thousands of pounds. My case is in the court system for 7 years, my friends for 13 years. It is now clear to many that the court system and the sorting out of finances is nothing short of a game which is stet up to redistribute wealth from client to their legal team. This is abuse! This also gives those in control of the assets (mainly the man) an opportunity for him to deplete his asset or work maneouvers to the detriment of his ex wife. The crux of the problem lies in assets being ring fenced and divided when the case concludes which often is years after separation. Assets should be ring fenced and divided when the couple separate. There are little consequences for non disclosure. This is a desperate situation and government is negligent in not addressing this urgent matter. I am part of a group that has been set up to expose this situation. Please take up this issue as the problem is widespread. Why should women and children be left destitute.

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