Mother loses care over antagonism towards father’s family

Family Law|September 6th 2016

A self-confessed ‘snob’ with an antagonistic relationship to her former’s husband’s family has lost care of her children.

The couple had a “volatile” marriage which unsurprisingly ended in divorce, by which point the former couple had formed a “highly negative” view of each other. Their two children stayed with the mother, a college lecturer, following the split.

As the acrimony continued, she accused the father of sexually abusing the children.

Sitting at the family court in Newcastle upon Tyne, Her Honour Judge Hudson noted that the abuse claim had been dismissed as groundless at an earlier fact-finding hearing. Social workers intervened, concerned about the children’s welfare if they continued to live with their mother. Following years of litigation between the parents, care proceedings were launched.

A psychologist assessed the mother and concluded that she may have an “unbalanced personality”. She appeared to have a paranoid view of the the social workers, insisting that they were engaged in a “vindictive campaign against her to try and drive her to insanity”. Meanwhile she railed against her ex-husband’s sister, suggesting she had a speech impediment and claiming that she “says ‘er and speaks Geordie”.

During the hearing she was pressed on this point, given that the woman in question was her childrens’ aunt.

The Judge explained:

“I found her initially evasive but (she) then retorted that she is a snob and lives in one of the best areas in the locality … whereas the (aunt and uncle) live in an ex-council estate which she described as ‘scruffy and grotty’.”

Judge Hudson concluded that it would be in the youngsters’ best interests to go and live with their father. They would see their mother just once a fortnight at supervised meetings.

Read the ruling here.

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  1. Vincent McGovern says:

    My compliments to the Judge but distressing it took so long. As for Social Workers taking care proceedings rather than assisting the father have residence from what I read above, this goes to the heart of the gender discrimination so prevalent in children’s matters. And this mother appears unusally stupid, possibly explained by her ‘unbalanced personality.’ Hopefully the children can now start to be normal children.

  2. vvv says:

    I very much doubt if the mother has mental health issues. It’s amazing isn’t it that so many mothers get put on supervised contact yet men who rape and abuse get custody of their children in our upside down family courts. There is gender discrimination but just as in society at large it is against woman

    • Stitchedup says:

      Oh, so that’s why 97% of mothers get custody of children??? At least try to make a comment that holds water for a nano second.

    • JamesB says:

      Yes, it’s like isn’t it amaising how we always seem to have a Jewish person as head of the Church and how people who can’t drive cars end up on the road? Blimey.

  3. JamesB says:

    Erm, doesn’t like someone saying “er” ? What? Not sure what this is about. Living in the posh area of town? Well, where I am such areas are full of Hyacinth Bucket types, they can keep their dodgy cooking and conversation. Am with the social workers for once on this.

    Not sure if social workers is cafcass? If so I am against them as a rule as cafcass are normally wrong on everything they say and do.

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