Labour: government is ‘obsessed with adoption’

Children|December 19th 2016

The government is “obsessed” with adoption, a Labour Minister has claimed.

Shadow Children’s Minister Emma Lewell-Buck said the government had spent a “staggering amount” of time and money on adoption and had prioritised it “to the detriment of all other forms of care”. The MP for South Shields spoke as the controversial Children and Social Work Bill reached committee stage.

Citing more than 20 changes of policy on adoption over the last six years, Lewell-Buck declared:

“What the government should be doing is advocating the form of care that is right for every child, not what they believe is right.”

She spoke out against a clause in the draft legislation which would mean adoption authorities would have to give consideration to any established relationship between the vulnerable child and prospective adopters. Lewell-Buck claimed this could mean prospective adopters being prioritised over blood relatives, Children & Young People Now reports, and children being placed with them before other prospects had been fully explored – for example, friends or extended family members “who actually love the child and are doing their best to keep that child in their care”.

Siblings could be separated, she suggested , or families broken, leading to “trauma and grief”.

But committee members voted eight to five to retain the clause. Children’s Minister Edward Timpson insisted that Lewell-Buck’s claims did not stand up to scrutiny, and that the government had simply been trying to accelerate and simplify the adoption process when it was the right choice for a particular child.

Family courts were, he added, already had to “consider the wishes of family members and consider their views“.

Photo of Emma Lewell-Buck by Shields Gazette via Wikipedia

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  1. Sara says:

    It’s become all too apparent that this is all
    About profiteering and noting to do with the best interests of the child. Very evil

  2. keith says:

    “Family courts, he added, already had to “consider the wishes of family members and consider their views”.
    what absolute nonsense. Timpson is completely desensitized like the rest of the Draconian bunch controlling our country and is obviously speaking in favour of saving money via Adoption rather than keep families together.
    if i had a choice to decide who to put behind bars at the expense of the Tax payer, Adam Johnson or Timpson it would be Heartless Timpson every time. and that goes for the rest of them.

  3. daniel parker says:

    What a arrogant man hes must have been parents wishes dont matter to social workers

    • keith says:

      Timpson and that other nincompoop Michael Gove must be from the Dark side of the Force. i can hear Lord Vader standing over the pair of them saying “i am your father!”

      Very anti humanitarian people for shure.
      they should try talking to all the children facing adoption and ask them where they would rather live. i’ll bet almost all of them would say with their parents.
      But the Social workers dont want you to know that. no money in it to send them back home. its all about the ££££££££££££££.

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