Parents of five adopt six more children

Children|May 9th 2017

A couple in Ohio with five children of their own have adopted six more.

Christina and Christopher Sanders became foster parents to four brothers in 2014 and then took in the boys’ two sisters last year. Despite already having five biological children, the Forest Park couple subsequently decided to adopt all of the siblings they had taken in. The oldest was 16 and the youngest was nine.

They did not want the foster children to be separated by the care system. Such family splits are common and the likelihood it will occur increases with the number of siblings.

Christopher told ABC News that he and his wife “just want the best for them” and “felt like we had to do whatever we thought we could do to help”.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the family often attracts attention when they are out in public, especially as the Sanders are black and their adopted children are white. However, this was not part of the parents’ thought process when they brought the six siblings into their home permanently.

Mr Sanders explained:

“We’re all the same in God’s eyes, so the colour of anyone’s skin has never had a bearing on any of this.”

Christine added that most of the people who stop them in public do so to “tell us how well-mannered the group is or you’re doing an excellent job”.

The “whole transition has been so beautiful”, Mr Sanders said, adding that all 11 children refer to each other as brothers and sisters. In fact, the youngest biological daughter and the youngest adopted girl, both nine, have started to wear matching outfits.

Now the biggest issue facing the Sanders family is the search for a vehicle with enough room for the entire family. Christine said they were “getting a van and continuing to live and doing what we’ve been doing”.

Back in March, a story about a similarly large group of siblings went viral. Five brothers and sisters in Kansas were featured on the state’s adoption listing website following a local newspaper profile which explained their desire to stay together. The adoption service was soon inundated with more than 1,300 offers from people willing to adopt them all.

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  1. Paul says:

    Fantastic. I highly respect people who addopt. I think keeping siblings together should be the norm in adoption cases. They should only be parted in exceptional circumstances. Brothers and sisters maybe all they have in the world. One peice of emotional support and stability. Taking that away while trying to help these kids makes no sense to me at all. I have seen programs where these siblings are reunited it is heart breaking. Good people are good people colour of skin is only a problem if you make it one.

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