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Woman sues ex-boyfriend for fraud

A woman from Wimbledon in South London has sued her former boyfriend for no less than £1.1 million, claiming he deceived her out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

He told her he was a multi-millionaire she insists, adding however, that his fortune had been tied up by an ongoing divorce dispute. His wealth included, he said, a salary of £2 million a year from his father’s business, a large house and second home in Majorca, gold bullion, trust funds and an extensive wine collection.

She began to lend him large amounts of money: around £400,000 in total according to reports. She fell in love with him and they began planning marriage. Despite already being in her mid-40s the woman began multiple rounds of IVF in an attempt to have his child.

Later he told her he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Then in February 2015 as she began to grow suspicious, the boyfriend announced told he was going out for coffee one morning and never returned. According to reports she then tracked him down and discovered that his elaborate tales of wealth were groundless. He had moved in with elderly father and was working as a professional dog walker.

Meanwhile, her court papers claim, she now suffers from panic attacks and is homeless, living with her parents. She alleges negligent or fraudulent misrepresentation and deceit.

When the pair first met her errant fiancé was still married to his first wife and had not even begun divorce proceeding when he eventually moved in with the woman in Wimbledon. She, meanwhile, had divorced her first husband, just months before, receiving a substantial £500,000 settlement.

Her fateful former friend has since remarried. He firmly denies all the woman’s allegations.

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  1. Andy says:

    Well What lesson has she learned..
    Surprised,Gingerbread and Netmums are not campaigning for such issues as they seem to do with the Child Maintenance….
    Still, if they were in power and clearly think they are, all earnings would be deducted at source..
    So they can live a lifestyle that they think…
    And stuff the male,father figure..What is commonly known as parental alienation….

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