Mickey Mouse announces adoption of foster children

Children|July 23rd 2017

Mickey Mouse was an integral part of a couple’s plan to tell their foster children they were going to adopt them.

Tom and Courtney Gilmour of Portland, Pennsylvania, visited Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, earlier this year with their two foster children. Janielle, 12, and her ten year-old brother Elijah had lived with the Gilmours for three years before their trip to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’. The family attended a meet and greet with the Disney icon during which he signed autographs for the brother and sister.

In a video of this meeting, a voice from behind the camera told the children Mickey had a surprise for them. They were then presented with a sign announcing their upcoming adoption date. After an initial gasp of shock, the two siblings shared a group hug with their soon-to-be parents and Mickey before posing for some more photographs.

Earlier this month, Courtney posted the video to her Facebook page and it soon went viral. She told local media that the video was to commemorate the moment forever but said she had other reasons for sharing it publicly.

She wanted to draw attention to the foster care system and encourage people to take in children who need a good home. This was especially important for her as “a former foster child … and now a foster/adopt mother, it’s very important we don’t forget there is lots of help needed”.

Although fostering and adoption were “super hard at times”, she said, they were “super rewarding”. Courtney encouraged anyone who was thinking about becoming such a parent to “focus on the positive of the process”.

Photo by David Jafra via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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  1. dr. manhattan62 says:

    i’ll bet none of these adoptive parents ever ask to speak with the birth parents to ascertain if they agreed to let their children be taken into care and whether they felt they were treat fairly by CPS.
    Many of these children may have been wrongly taken. if found to be the case they should be returned to their birth parents. no ifs or buts.

    • Samantha Cordy says:

      I have to agree with you. Sadly local authorities are running into family homes/hospitals and taken from there loving parents. As the child is screaming as there taken away from the one place they have always loved and felt same with there parents/grandparents and siblings. I bet the local authorities don’t Tell them half and only the bad stuff. Children are then jammed in a broken system and if lucky chosen for adoption. This has a drastic effect on the child,you start noticing how they were once very happy and now sad.how dark circles appear around the child’s eyes and pale faces and looking miles away . Never are parents allowed to meet the adopters as it’s so secret and people should ask why this isn’t allowed to happen. The parents and especially children don’t have any rights in a family secret court. Yes some children deserve better homes if abuse has happened or it can be proven/actual facts this will happen. There still taking children and newborn babies on a large scale. While those who really need them are put to the back of the cue, or they are left in abusive homes suffering trauma. If this is legal which people are finding it very difficult on all adoptions especially the last few years was without consent of the parents. We used to support adoption but cant anyone as seeing the lies being allowed through a family court,to get a child is inhuman. And if lagit I wish these children all the happiness in the world and the family, every child deserves to be happy and looked after as a child is a precious gift, and the unconditional love you have for the child.

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