Mental health support ‘urgently needed’ for care leavers

Children|September 18th 2017

As many as two thirds of care leavers with mental health issues are not receiving any help, a charity has claimed.

Research from Barnardo’s suggests that out of the 26,340 care leavers in England, nearly half may be suffering from mental health problems. In a recently published report, the charity also claims that as many as one in four have dealt with a “mental health crisis” since they left the care system.

The report, titled Neglected Minds, also revealed that many people who work with care leavers do not fully understand mental health and do not know how to properly support young people with such problems.

Neglected Minds also details cases where care leavers were unable to access any kind of support despite incidents of self-harm or suicide attempts.

The government has previously promised to spend £1.4 billion on improving children’s mental health. Barnardo’s has asked that some of this money be used to support care leavers who are particularly vulnerable.

Chief Executive Javed Khan said the report painted “a shocking picture of care leavers in need with no access to suitable mental health support”. Problems these young people face can range “from anxiety to serious problems following abuse or neglect” he continued, demanding that the government ensure they “receive the support they so desperately need when it honours its pledge to improve children’s mental health”.

Read the Neglected Minds report here.

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  1. Paul says:

    This is a no win situation for the government. Does not matter how much money you throw at this problem its not going away.
    The term ‘White elephant’ springs to mind.
    Is their an abundance of psyciatric professionals out their who want to spend all day coaching suicidal kids ? – I suspect not. Are these qualified professionals going to do this work for minimum wage ? Doubt it very much. Will we be able to afford enough professionals to meet demand. Doubt it. Naturally damand is forcast to rise. An their will always be people who slip through the net an create scandelous headlines of catastrophic failure.
    Well in 1939 we had to worry about Nazi’s killing us. You have to wonder why they bothered to be honest. Now the full grind of capitalism is taking its tol we have thousands of people in the grip of depression who would happily do themselves in.
    We used to have a completly free mental health support service called family and friends.
    Now family values have been erroded. The family is crumbling away.
    Soul of this country is in a bad way i think. We’ve lost something somewhere.

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