Care system linked to crime

Family Law|October 23rd 2017

Children who are exposed to the care system at a young age are more likely to become involved in crime as teenagers, government research has found.

A new analysis by the Ministry of Justice cross-references youngsters who were the subject of welfare interventions by social workers while young with those whose names later ended up on the Police National Computer between their 10th and 17th birthdays.

Children exposed to the care system commit crimes as teenagers at a higher rate than their peers. They also tend to become begin offending at an earlier age than even their nefariously-minded counterparts in the general population.

Reasons for the link proposed by the report include a tendency to criminalise children in care through the overuse of police intervention; instable placements affecting children’s mental wellbeing; and the fact that children in care are likely to have come from backgrounds blighted by poverty, neglect and abuse.

The MoJ said:

“[This report] has a specific focus on children that have been named in a public law case, where the local authority has intervened to protect their welfare. It is intended to make a contribution to existing evidence about the extent to which adverse family experiences such as child abuse and neglect, and the experience of the family justice system are associated with the likelihood of offending.”

You can read more here.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Someone, somewhere finds this surprising . . .

  2. Alan Brunwin from The victims Union. says:

    Care system has a lot to answer to for children turning out on the wrong side of life. Many are removed from their parents in horrendous ways but social worker and police. These uncalled for actions scar that Childs mind at the outset. Love from home parents even close friends taken away from a now traumatize child. Taken into a none loving regimental repeat authority rules. A child will kick off in The harsh treatment that’s inflected on then by what I call foot soldiers. Far to many are stolen from good loving homes, not on child abuse but on poverty through no fault of their own. If foster cares can be paid 500 pound a week, why not finically help families out of poverty by increasing family child benefits to a higher level. I sure each child would not cost another 500 pound a week more. Increasing it by an extra 40 pounds per week would benefit all. Poverty-stricken families in the UK would be no more, plus the care system would take in far less children

    • Karen says:

      I strongly agree has I am just one in thousands of families destroyed by the corrupt family courts wrongfully taking our beautiful babies away and give them to strangers,they were loved,happy and safe but now who knows the damage this evil abuse is caused,I will tell you, A lifetime of our hearts longing to know that there are safe and praying we will be together again .Money means more than life in this country .IT IS IN-HUMAN! IT IS CRIMINAL! AND NOTHING IS GOING TO MAKE UP FOR WHAT WE HAVE LOST !

  3. David Mortimer says:

    27% of the prison population, and half of all prisoners under 25, were in care.

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