Adoption orders ‘are stable’

Children|December 7th 2017

Adoption orders have stabilised after dropping in the wake of high profile court decisions in 2013.

The two rulings – In the matter of B and Re B-S – stressed the importance of social workers and the family courts fully considering any and all alternatives to adoption before permanently removing children from their families, an option which could only be a last resort. The judgements caused controversy and led to a sharp drop in applications for adoption orders by social workers.

In the 12 months to 2013, a record number of adoption applications were heard in court – 6430. These resulted in 5,860 placement orders – another record. But just two years later, these numbers had fallen to 4,570 and 3,850 respectively

That slump is now over, according to government organisation the Adoption Leadership Board. A newly published report declares:

“At the level at which the system has now stabilised, around 4,000 placement orders are being granted each year. This suggests that the use of adoption still remains comparatively higher than it has been in the last two decades.”

But it is still very concerned, it said, by the ongoing struggle to recruit sufficient new adopters to meet the needs of the system. The numbers of approved prospective adopters has fallen, it noted, every quarter. Only around 700 are now approved every three months, compared to over 1,000 in the year to 2015.

“The latest feedback from agencies is that the situation continues to get worse with even fewer adopter approvals in recent months. This compares to the now relatively stable figure of approximately 1,000 placement orders granted each quarter, or approximately 4,000 a year.”

The Board continued:

“This reinforces the importance of increasing adopter recruitment and support, especially for harder to place children.”

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  1. Dr. Manhattan. says:

    bad news for Wrongly removed children who will very likely be Wrongly Adopted. i guess the Adoption Agencies will be rubbing their hands.

  2. katherine mccourt says:

    Forced adoption is a serious step least of all for children who are at serious risk of emotional harm by severing family ties a life of trauma so of it should only be used for ‘when nothing else will do’ as Munby states. Taking babies/children from loving families on a risk of ‘future emotional harm’ is the law turned upside down no offences committed and no possibility to prove yourself that is morally repugnant to most right thinking people. Planning for future adoptions is crystal ball business planning based on quota’s and targets obscene I am for one am disgusted that this happens behind closed doors its a scandal ready to burst upon mainstream media anytime soon, mark my words!

  3. Winsron Smith says:

    The Adoption Leadership Board should be disbanded and this stopped as the solution to child care.

    So are these judgements being ignored or ways found to get round them?

    So kids are still going to be packed off to Forced Adoption

    • Nan says:

      Forced adoption is the easiest way, newborns/children (5 and under) will immediately be twin tracked a set of twins and the hands are rubbing together- a mother had 5 newborn babies taken 1 was a set of twins in 2007, they were premature and as didn’t want to know as soon as they heard the survival rate went up they were in there, the 6th sibling was taken they had him at birth and won him back at 6 months old,the mother had another one 7th because he was born with lung problems they have never darkened her door- proving healthy babies are going at high rates often with different case numbers (which could mean a few things) it’s like living in the 1940s /1950s my partner was adopted at birth he holds 2 birth certificates when the adopted father was on his death bed he apologised for not stopping his wife beat him as a child,he also told him he was his son and have always loved him,he knew the abuse happened but not the full extent as he worked a lot. My point is 40 years he didn’t know who he was and his grandchild was taken, he wasn’t given the option to ever meet her or my other son Just me and her father. By time I contacted after adoption his mother had died 3 months previously in 2012, leaving 1 picture of her younger years and the files we couldn’t even put a sentence together. That was banardoes and the Salvation Army. It hasn’t changed and I certainly don’t understand how they can twin track a child, another judge who didn’t know the case like the first as parents were not told about any hearing, decided to do a FH/CMH/Adoption placement and the trial listed for 2 days was done in 40 minutes? “Exceptional circumstances ” ‘when nothing else will do’ or in the “child’s best interest ” how can it be when the child had been abused from the home? Some are to quick in stamping these orders. Next they will be purchasing our children / grandchildren online maybe even getting a free home delivery!! Someone couldn’t make these type of things up not even for a script in a film because until you have been through it nobody knows what it’s like, causing injustices throughout the country and it’s not helping some being private and international. Don’t ever give yr child’s birth certificate or passport during proceedings either that’s our advice a mother had her 2 children recently adopted but as failed to tell the court the foster Carers were taking them on a holiday! “No child is allowed to have there name changed or allowed out of the uk” but I guess it’s different for them.

  4. Nan says:

    These were the worst case I read and the circumstances around it, the failure of the local authorities , 165 judgement pointing out to social services “when nothing else will do” this is being used as a first option and only option but the frightening thing, especially so many people- (a meeting took place who had babies and children removed and twin tracked or ICO/CMH/FH/PO (done in one day) all confirmed the possibility was future harm of this abuse some had never been assessed and weren’t told about SGO ,kinship (grandparents and aunts and uncles) the group was split into 6 groups as to many
    1. Future of emotional
    2.future of physical
    3. Mental
    The am couldn’t believe how many were identical cases, a high number of children were adopted only 5 in long term foster care, and a few put with the perpetrator who actually abused the child and parent. 2 groups of each category as we only had a hour to conclude this. Everyone was open and honest (they had no reason to lie) . All cases referred to the above no identification of the child/children was disclosed- but it put questions how many more have suffered from injustices where the protocols were not carried out and social services worked on the small towns first then came into the bigger cities- (declared in a paper after 3 social workers were sacked due to neglect of a number of children in 2010) .
    No lessons have been learned poor Elsie was brutally murdered while the two joined ranks to hide scullys name the adopter who murdered her after 2 weeks of the official stamp.. the LA refused to investigate and government bodies of a 2nd child who was sustaining head injuries, government bodies kept saying cant intervene in the family court giving sections out- but they were taken on a risk used false evidence of other people’s data ,child sustaining injuries in foster care placement not once but 4 times as new evidence has come to light from a injury to the baby at 6 weeks old and the parents were not told and wasn’t disclosed to the courts . I think maybe the courts and local authorities should be warned or investigated with regards to breaking the law under DPA1989, S.55(1) . It’s these cases that worry parents and families because we can understand this judgement was made clear- we can’t say it enough it needs spelling out that they can’t just refer to these cases above when there’s certainly no evidence- in one case a mother was in foster care and was sexually abused over a number of years,had no help or support just lost 2 newborn babies- she was taken because of DV but ended up being abused within the system like many cases THIS CANNOT BE IGNORED ” it wasn’t there fault they were children who were failed by the state intervention

  5. Wiinston Smith says:

    the solution is to end Forced Adoption and the Adoption Leadership Board. The needs of the system are being artificially created.

    Forced Adoption was originally created in America then Britain to meet the needs of older children in long term Care.

    There is the emotional abuse of children broke off from their Attachment to their parents and family.

    This is why there is so high an adoption failure rate is so high 0 25 0 30% and adopters have problems with a lot of the remainder.

    See John Bowlby and his Attachment Theory and Disrupted Attachment.

    It used to be the accepted theory.

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