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The myths of cohabitation

The concept of a common law husband or wife is a complete myth. If you live together and are not married you have substantially less legal rights.

Rachel Roberts from the Stowe Family Law Leeds office explains more in this short video…

You can read more articles on the unique issues that face cohabiting couples here.

Rachel has been with the firm for over 17 years and as Regional Director in the North, heads up the Yorkshire team across Beverley, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Ilkley, Leeds, Sheffield, Wetherby and York. Known for her caring and compassionate approach, she builds an excellent rapport with clients, leaving them feeling confident and reassured as she guides them to the right outcome for them.

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  1. Laura says:

    After living 15 years in what I thought was my home my partner kicked myself and his adult daughter out to move in with his girlfriend . He rents the home out and refuses to give me and my daughter any money to get our own house leaving us in hardship with no savings as my money went to him and providing my daughters needs he was very controlling in what I could and couldn’t do or work which had a impact on my life and struggle for 18 years he controlled and manipulated me from
    A young age as he was older which left me with no savings or self esteem . It’s been 3 years and if I contact him he says it’s harassment. We bought the house 15 years ago and I found out my name was not added to the deeds . We bought the house with funds from his grandads house . I took care of his grandfather because he was ill to save his grandad been put in a care home while my partner sorted out buying his grandads house which payed his own mortgage. It’s been 3 years almost can I claim any money .

    • Sally Shakespeare says:

      Hi. Thank you for your question which I have passed on to our Client Care Team who will be in touch. Best wishes

    • Kelly Dooler says:

      I’m in almost the exact circumstances and would like to know the same can I claim anything, we were together 10 years bought a house together 2 years ago, my name was not on the deeds, but he moved out a year ago so I’ve been paying the mortgage alone for the last 15 months, we have a 9 year old son together, he says he owes me nothing, but I helped with the deposit, plus paying the mortgage, I have no savings, etc.

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