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Resolving child maintenance issues 

The best solution is for you and your ex-partner to agree on maintenance and manage the process directly. This reduces the need for CMS fees and any potential court/legal fees. It also means the maintenance can be flexed (with both sides agreement) if circumstances change. 

However, these arrangements are not legally enforceable, so they are not suitable for all families. To make the agreement legally binding, you can apply to the court to turn it into a consent order.  However, either parent can opt out after 12 months and choose to go to the CMS. 

The CMS is a government service that will arrange and collect maintenance on the relevant parents’ behalf, helping reduce conflict and any payment issues.  

In certain circumstances, for example, if one parent lives aboard, you can seek an order for child maintenance from the courts. 

Making decisions about the future financial security of your family is stressful. So let us help take the strain; our legal team works within this area of the law every day and is highly knowledgeable about its complexities and processes.

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