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Once we have agreed on the approach you would like to take, our solicitors will give you a clear indication of what your divorce case should cost from the outset. As the case progresses we will ensure that you remain aware and in control of your costs. Our clients value our frank and transparent approach to fees.

To speak to a family lawyer about your case and specific costs, please call or email to arrange an appointment.

Divorce costs are dependent on the approach required

Court fees for a divorce petition are standard

In every divorce case, there are court fees to apply for the divorce. These are currently £550 for the filing of your petition, which includes the fee for applying for both the interim decree of divorce (called the decree nisi) and the final decree of divorce (decree absolute).

Very few cases involve only the divorce paperwork  

Separation and divorce will often throw up complex issues in relation to the splitting of finances and arrangements for the children.  If your financial position is complicated, for instance involving pension or business interests, you will also need advice. If you have issues that you cannot agree on in relation to your children, we have the skills and experience to help you find solutions.  

There may also be difficulties collecting the evidence needed to get the divorce. The divorce paperwork may also need filing in more than one country.  All of these aspects will impact the strategy taken and therefore the costs incurred.

If both parties can agree on how to separate their financial resources a case may not require the parties to attend court. In that case your lawyer will ensure your agreement is a legally-binding document that meets with the court’s approval.

Our solicitors charge an hourly rate to guide you through this process and deliver the outcome you are looking to achieve.

Going to court to get an outcome on finance or children

In some cases couples cannot agree even with the help of their lawyers and therefore choose to let the court decide the outcome. Further costs will accumulate if a court hearing is required, including Barrister costs, court fees and any other third-party services required to provide valuations or evidence for the hearing.

Arbitration offers an alternative to court

Alternatively you can opt for an out of court settlement route such as arbitration, where a trained arbitrator (either an experienced lawyer or judge) will decide the outcome for you.  Unlike the court process, where you pay one fee for the court to resolve the matter for you, with arbitration you pay for the time of those involved. The benefit of arbitration is that you may reach a resolution more quickly, using the knowledge of specialists in family law.


Mediation is another alternative to court.  This process involves an independent mediator playing the role of a neutral party who will seek to guide you towards agreement, without imposing their own views or decisions. In such a process, legal advice will be provided by your solicitor so that you know what to expect in mediation and what your legal rights and entitlements are. You will also pay the costs for the mediator’s time.

We will ensure you have the right solicitor

We believe you should have the opportunity to speak to your divorce solicitor without being charged before you choose to entrust your case to us. It is important you are comfortable with your solicitor; you feel they understand your legal needs and, just as importantly, the emotional aspects of your situation. Please call us today for more information or to make an appointment.

Legal Aid

Stowe Family Law is unable to offer clients legal aid. Public funding for divorce and family law cases has been cut and we do not hold a legal aid franchise. For more information

Instructing Stowe Family Law

If you wish to proceed and instruct Stowe Family Law, you can be confident that you will be in control of your divorce costs:


  • We will agree a cost estimate with you at the start of the process
  • We will formally update you on costs (both incurred and anticipated) on a monthly basis
  • You will have visibility of how the costs are incurred and when we are likely to see peaks and troughs in your costs
  • We will work with you to help smooth out your costs where possible, e.g. through a payment plan



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