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Paying for your divorce

One of the first questions we are asked by clients is: “What is my divorce going to cost me?”

The act of divorce itself, in terms of the fees paid to the court, is actually relatively inexpensive at £550 (correct at the time of writing). It is reaching a settlement of any financial and children issues that takes more time and money to resolve, especially if things are not amicable and the financial set-up is complex.

To speak to a family lawyer about your case and specific costs, please call or email to arrange an appointment.

What are the costs of a divorce?

Divorce costs are dependent on the circumstances of the case and the approach required.

Divorce petition only

In every divorce case, there are court fees to pay. These are currently £550 for the filing of your petition, which includes the fee for applying for the interim decree of divorce (called the decree nisi) and the final decree of divorce (decree absolute).

More complicated cases

Separation and divorce will often throw up complex issues in relation to the splitting of finances and arrangements for the children and you are advised to get professional legal advice.

If both parties can agree on how to separate their financial resources it is unlikely you will require going to court. Instead,  your lawyer will ensure your agreement is a legally-binding document that meets with the court’s approval.

If you cannot agree, there is a complex financial structure in place or an international element are just some of the aspects that will impact the strategy taken and therefore the costs incurred.

Going to court

Further costs will accumulate if a court hearing is required, including Barrister costs, court fees and any other third-party services required to provide valuations or evidence for the hearing.

How we charge

Our clients value our frank and transparent approach to fees.

Once we have agreed on the approach you would like to take, our divorce solicitors will give you a cost estimate of what your case should cost from the outset.

As the case progresses, you will be formally updated on costs (both incurred and anticipated) on a monthly basis. You will have full visibility of how the costs are incurred and we will work with you to help smooth out your costs where possible, e.g. through a payment plan.

Who pays the divorce fees?

The current starting point, subject to any ‘litigation misconduct’, is that each party will need to pay their own divorce costs.

Stowe Family Law is unable to offer clients legal aid. Public funding for divorce and family law cases has been cut and we do not hold a legal aid franchise.

However, there are a number of ways to get help with paying your legal fees.

Financial advice on your case

To speak to a family lawyer about your case and specific costs, please call or email to arrange an appointment.


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