We act for parties seeking to protect their wealth and those wishing to claim their fair entitlement from the more financially stronger spouse. You may be, or are married to, an individual with a high net worth. If you have concerns that there may be hidden assets we have a specialist team of forensic accountants who can help to uncover these assets and to also assist with the valuation of business interests, comment on tax issues and review and advise you about a whole range of other financial vehicles and how they can be best utilised or protected within your divorce depending on your circumstances You may be initiating divorce, responding to a divorce petition, seeking better legal support in an ongoing case, or considering reopening an old case.

You may also be the friend or relative of somebody needing advice or a professional adviser who is seeking the best
representation for your client. Whatever the circumstances, we can provide you with a significant advantage and make an enormous difference to the process and the financial outcome.

Having a divorce solicitor who specialises in complex or high value financial matters and who understands all the aspects of your case and the relevant law will ensure you achieve the best outcome. There may be valuable assets at stake, such as businesses, farms (where the farm is both your home and your livelihood) or large pensions. Although people may be reluctant to incur the cost, the risk of losing out financially from trying to deal with matters yourself in a time of stress is far outweighed by the cost of excellent legal advice.

Full Financial Disclosure

In order for us to fully advise you, it is necessary for you to provide detailed financial disclosure and for us to have a clear understanding of the other party’s financial resources.  This involves information to confirm your respective financial positions, such as property valuations, bank statements, pension valuations, business accounts etc. Although time-consuming, it is important to ensure that the information we are provided with is accurate and up to date so that we can fully advise.

Calm and rational negotiations

Emotions can run high during the divorce process and often people want to make their spouses pay for the hurt they have caused. However, this can simply end up reducing the financial pot by incurring unnecessary legal costs and you could end up losing out as a result. The court will not be concerned with the reason for the breakdown of the relationship when considering financial matters so we will help you to focus on the important issues and explain to you why a particular financial outcome is realistic and what is the best outcome you can hope for. It can be difficult to keep emotion away from financial negotiations but we will help you to do this so you can make decisions for your future in a more logical and commercial way. Often clients are so keen to get their divorce finalised because of the emotional pressures they are under that they say they will agree to anything.  This can often be a costly mistake that they regret later. It is therefore important to properly think things through and take legal advice before any financial settlement is agreed.


Supported by the expertise of our in-house forensic accountants

It is common for one spouse to have more control over the finances than the other. Accepting what they say without verification can be a big mistake and it is well worth spending the time and money to fully investigate financial matters as a whole before reaching an agreement. At Stowe Family Law, we have an in-house team of forensic accountants who will provide their support with this process.

The forensic accountancy team also advise clients in the process of valuing a business and will consider not only valuation but also other issues such as liquidity (the ability of the company to raise money to fund a settlement) and the tax consequences of drawing funds from a company or selling or transferring ownership of assets. The tax consequences of a financial settlement can be significant and must be considered carefully before any agreement is reached. This advice is crucial when negotiating a settlement and unlike other solicitors we have these resources immediately available within the firm.

What comes next?

Once a settlement has been reached, it is important that you obtain the right advice as to how you should invest your settlement. It may be that you have not had control of the finances previously. We will put you in contact with independent financial advisers who can look after you and help you to make the right investment decisions so that you can make best use of your settlement and secure your future.

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