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Graham Coy talks about no-fault divorce on Sky News

Stowe Family Law Partner Graham Coy made another appearance on Sky News this afternoon (Thursday 17 May) to join a debate about whether there should be no-fault divorces.

Graham spoke about how painful divorce is for both parties and that the system that is meant to protect people getting a divorce does not protect them at all. Having to blame each other is causing harm to upwards of 200,000 adults and their children every year.

He also discussed that as a society we have a problem with divorce with 42% of marriages ending. And if reconciliation and mediation do not work, what should the law do when people want to get divorced? The current system is undignified and when people get divorced they should be able to in dignity.

Graham cited figures that in reality only 2% of people indicated that they may defend a divorce with only 0.01% actually going ahead. This is a clear message from the public and we need to accept the reality of marriage today.

Graham also discussed #NoFaultDivorce with Resolution outside parliament this morning. You can watch here.

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