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March 21, 2011
Radio Gaga By Marilyn Stowe What is it about broadcasting that leaves so many solicitors stricken by fear? I have seen some of the most poised and charismatic of our peers mumble, bumble and tug uncomfortably at their collars whenever a camera lens is trained upon them. I have heard the bravest and bolshiest of lawyers reduced to stammering wrecks by the gentlest of questions. There are, I thin...
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February 21, 2011
Divorced From Reality Fresh from an Oxbridge eye-opener, Marilyn Stowe wonders how stuck in the past the future will be It is one of the perks of our chosen field that no two weeks are the same. For the past 30 years I have represented an average of some 300 clients a year. During this time there have been significant changes in our society and to our laws. Most of all, there have been changes t...
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January 17, 2011
17 January 2011 Here's hoping this year's fresh Family Proceedings Rules sort out this maddening self-help situation, says Marilyn Stowe Up and down the country, family solicitors and their divorce clients are making unpleasant discoveries . Until recently, if a spouse found documentation belonging to the other spouse lying around the house - bank statements perhaps, or a building society passbo...
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December 16, 2010
December 16, 2010 This is an expanded version of my latest Family Business column in Solicitors Journal.   Darkness is cheap   Christmas is now upon us and another year has flown by. Last night we sat in our little "snug room", watching the snow fall outside and musing upon the past 12 months. My husband is a fellow solicitor and the head of a legal aid practice. When I asked him to...
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October 1, 2010
What Grandparents Can Do When It's Not Happy Families Family issues can stop grandparents from seeing their grandchildren. Divorce lawyer Marilyn Stowe, of Stowe Family Law in Altrincham, recently advised Coronation Street on its storyline involving Simon Barlow and his custody seeking grandfather George, and found the resolution to be positive. "It was done by agreement," she says,  "which I ...
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September 21, 2010
Marilyn Stowe today appeared live on BBC Radio 4 Drive Time programme and BBC Radio York to discuss the key note speech given by The President of the Family Division to Families Needs Fathers on 19th September 2010. The report of Sir Nicholas Wall's speech in the Times, heralding ground breaking changes to funding, law, practice and procedure is carried here. Marilyn Stowe will be pos...
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August 10, 2010
AFTER more than 25 years in family law, I am not easily shocked. However the plight of many grandparents, within a legal system that downgrades their contribution to family life and denies them automatic rights of contact with their grandchildren, has never ceased to disturb me. Earlier this year, I advised the makers of Coronation Street on a dramatic storyline involving three of the soap's char...
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July 23, 2010
Frank Arndt from Stowe Family Law LLP stated that the starting point for the courts when dealing with long term marriages such as the Berezovsky matter is a 50/50 division of all matrimonial assets acquired during the marriage, including savings and pension contributions.  He explained that the Berezovsky marriage is 18 years long with 2 teenage children and it is likely that the award made to Mr...
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July 7, 2010
Marilyn Stowe appeared on BBC Manchester's Coffee Club show with Heather Stott on Wednesday 7th July to discuss the newly published idea that "divorce is contagious". Marilyn firmly rebutted the suggestion that if your friends are divorced your own marriage is more likely to break down.  Marilyn drew on her years of experience in the field of divorce law and noted that if divorce were contagious...
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June 24, 2010
Should YOU Retire To Spain? Want to escape the British weather? Here’s all you need to know about starting a new life in Spain! Living The Dream Life TIP! There are UK firms specialising in family law for expats. Take Stowe Family Law, for example. Famous for its bull fighting and flamenco dancing, it’s been a favourite holiday spot for 40 years, but why are ...
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