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October 16, 2009
Europe prenup law 'attractive model for reform', says Baroness Deech Frances Gibb, Legal Editor   European-style contracts between couples who are marrying should replace the discretion of judges in dividing a couple's assets on divorce, a leading family lawyer has said. Baroness Deech said that the continental system "presents itself as an immediate and attractive model for reform in this...
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September 26, 2009
Family lawyers say they have seen a tenfold increase in recent years in couples signing pre-nuptial agreements on dividing their assets after divorce. Resolution, a group of 5,700 lawyers, says the number has doubled in a year, a BBC Breakfast investigation found. The agreements are enforceable in Scotland but not in England and Wales, although courts are paying more attention to them in their r...
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September 18, 2009
    One of the UK's largest family law firms, Harrogate-based Stowe Family Law, is launching free clinics to provide advice and support to individuals facing the end of their marriage during this tough economic climate. Statistics showed the number of divorces went up during the last recession, as couples struggled with the increased tension and pressure caused by money worries. But...
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September 12, 2009
Divorce or destruction? When relationships reach the bitterest end Ending a marriage is never easy - but what happens if the man you once thought was the love of your life turns out to be your worst enemy? Anna Moore looks at the devastation that can be caused when divorce gets messy... Though Caroline Spencer  may be baffled and bewildered by her former husband Earl Spencer's behaviour during th...
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September 1, 2009
We often hear clients say things like “We have lived together for over 20 years, surely I must have the same rights as I would if we were married?” or “my boyfriend and I own the house together but I paid the deposit, so I must be entitled to more of the equity?” The answer to both of these questions is very often “no”. There is no such thing as the common law spouse. When relations...
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August 25, 2009
When news of Kerry's alleged drug episode hit the papers, ex-husband Brian McFadden was said to be furious. And according to reports, he's stepped up his bid for custody of daughters Molly and Lilly Sue. But Brian surprised many be staying in Australia when the scandal hit. The last time the girls saw Brian was during their visit Down Under two weeks ago. Hours after returning, Kerry was apparent...
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August 14, 2009
Grandparents are an important part of family life. They certainly were in mine, being my closest confidants as I grew up. I could tell them things as a maturing teenager I couldn't tell my parents, and they gave me wise advice. I certainly benefited from the wisdom and love of my grandparents. On family breakdown, the bulk of attention will, of course, focus upon the couple and their children, bu...
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July 3, 2009
Yesterday, I thought about placing a bet on the outcome of the Radmacher v Granatino case. I would have backed the outside chance that the Court of Appeal would uphold the pre-nuptial agreement, even with all the odds stacked against me. English law doesn't automatically recognise such agreements. It is about needs, obligations and distributing assets and income fairly. Yet, I thought, times have...
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June 19, 2009
  Marilyn Stowe and the team were  joined by the Mayor and Mayoress of Trafford and local business leaders to celebrate 12 months in their Cheshire Office based in Oxford Road, Hale.  The newest office of the Yorkshire and Cheshire based law firm has enjoyed a successful year and the firm's partners toasted its success  with guests at an anniversary drinks reception. Marilyn Stow...
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June 14, 2009
Alessia Horwich and Julian Knight look at ways for over-60s to avoid financial doom if a marriage breaks up. If recent high-profile divorces have taught us anything, it's that bringing a marriage to an end can be an expensive business. The overall divorce rate may be falling, but with longer life expectancy, changing family structures and attitudes towards relationships, the number of couples sp...
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